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Electric Heating News

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I sense eco-design - wifi electric radiators installation HOTEL

Tips to reduce your heating bill

Here are some tips to optimise the heating settings of your home and help reduce bills.
In a typical British household, most energy gets used on heating. In fact, for the average UK household, heating is responsible for over half of each month’s energy bill.

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What is a smart electric radiator?

What is a smart electric radiator? And What do real smart electric radiators do for your home? iSense Smart Electric Radiators features, cost saving guidance for smart electric radiators.

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UK_GB UKCA marking for electric radiators

New UKCA marking explained

Did you know that there is a new UKCA marking now we have left the EU and all products being sold in the UK must be certified with the UKCA marking under the new regulations.

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Picture isense wifi electric Radiators with MySense heating control App

Which Electric Radiator

How do I choose an electric radiator? Electric Heating provides many options, with choices of design, colour, style, shape, and some amazing features to include or rule out.

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With the British Government’s strategy for net zero, and continuing the push towards low carbon heating systems, you can now ask Intelli Heat the Electric Heating experts any question on Electric Radiators, electric heating, heating control, wi-fi connected radiators. Our dedicated team of experts will help explain why now's the right time to get a low carbon heating system, and how a smart connected heating system could lower your bills and shrink your carbon footprint.