Electric Heating for Solar PV Systems

Eco-friendly Electric Radiators for Solar Panels

Your Eco-friendly Solar panels powered Smart Electric Radiators

We partnered with Solar Panels accredited specialists, providing Smart Electric Heating for renewable Solar Photovoltaics Systems, installation services including domestic, commercial solar panels for Intelli Heat wi-fi electric radiators and dedicated heating control app. The complete heating solution to consume 100% of the renewable energy you produce.

Low-Carbon heating is today’s gold standard for heating systems, and the Government recommends replacing fossil fuel gas and oil central heating systems with a Low-Carbon heating (powered by renewable energy) instead of a gas, oil, LPG fired boiler.

The biggest challenge is how to make homes suitable for low-carbon, energy efficient heating and how to provide an effective and affordable alternative to meet the Ecodesign regulations, Net Zero, heating decarbonisation and renewable energy targets. 

Top reasons to install a solar photovoltaic system:

Can solar panels power electric radiators?

APP for Inverter Solax X3 with intelli heat electric radiators

Solar Photovoltaics explained

Solar Panel electricity systems, also known as Solar Photovoltaics (PV), capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. Over the past 10 years, the price of electricity has been increasing. With PV you can reduce your monthly electric bills because you do not need to pay for the generated Renewable Energy. Get your Environmentally Friendly, renewable Energy Independence. Our dedicated network of Solar Panels qualified installers design and install Solax Hybrid solar system with inverters, 10kw to 35kw of storage for domestic and Commercial properties.

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Electric Radiators powered by Solar panels will reduce your heating bills during the colder months,

generating enough power for your heating needs for most of the year. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed on the roof of our homes and use the energy from the sun to power our electrical appliances, including our iSense wi-fi controlled electric radiators. The electricity generated from the photovoltaics installed is paired with the wifi controlled electric radiators. The solar inverter converts the DC electricity and generates it into AC which is then fed back into the mains of your home. Replacing out of date boilers and storage heaters with LOW-CARBON IntelliHeat electric radiators, allows homeowners and tenants to choose which individual rooms they wish to heat, to what temperature, and at what times, accurate to one tenth of a degree.

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Smart Electric Heating Storage and Photovoltaic Self-Consumption

We offer the complete solution to consume 100% of the renewable energy you produce. The INTELLI HEAT smart electric radiators can be connected to existing photovoltaic panels for your new or renovation building projects. The INTELLI HEAT Cloud allows the electric heating to be managed from our applications and linked to our energy management system (EMS). - INTELLI HEAT devices are connected (via wi-fi) during installation and exchange information daily with our servers to optimise energy consumption and comfort. - The EMS analyses weather data, consumption and production habits of photovoltaic electricity as well as the characteristics of the dwelling in order to optimise the energy consumption and comfort of the user. - The Radiator consumption directly accessible on your smartphone, the devices connect automatically to the server. - Simplified smart radiator management with the INTELLI HEAT Cloud-based Application.

Can you run electric heating from solar panels?

Touch screen thermostat for isense wifi radiators by Intelli Heat

The energy generated from solar panels can be paired with electric heating.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed on the roof of our homes and use the energy from the sun to power all our electrical appliances, including our iSense wi-fi controlled electric radiators. The energy generated from the photovoltaics solar panels installed is paired with 5 - 7 Kw of INTELLI HEAT wifi electric radiators, the efficiency of the wi-fi electric radiators working with solar panels is greatly increased by using the Intelli Heat dedicated heating management system, with a simple click, turn on, off, up or down, every single radiator in any room or any zone of your property.

Advice and Installation video walkthrough Smart Electric Radiators fully powered by renewable, PV Solar panels

How many solar panels do I need for electric heating? Tutorial Video

Testimonial video, replacing Oil boiler with a new Wi-Fi Electric Heating System and PV Solar panels

Sustainable Electric Heating powered by Solar panels

Getting to a level where electricians are qualified and competent enough to install photovoltaic solar panels is going to require some exceptional level of training, it can take between two and three years to become a fully qualified Solar Panel Installer In The UK.

We have teamed up with Solar & Renewable fully accredited MCS-appointed installers, if you would like to find out how Solar PV and Electric Heating could work for you give us a call on 0203 916 0000 or Email us to arrange a free consultation, before assessment. Our qualified experts will give you honest advice on the suitability of solar PV for you and will design the optimum system to meet your requirements.