iSense Heating Management Control App

With the Intelli Heat Electric Heating management system, you have complete control over your Wi-Fi electric radiators remotely using any mobile device or web browser.

Choosing the right heating controls is just as important as choosing the right central heating system

The iSense is a Heating Control App, a cloud-based IOT Heating Management System that allow you freely to Program, Control and Monitor your wi-fi iSense smart electric radiators. The purpose of the iSENSE Heating controller is to accurately program, zoning, save energy, and also be used to monitor and effectively control heating temperature setpoint, energy consumption, hot water, and lighting.

Whatever the user profile home owners, social and private landlords, Housing Associations, hotels, student accommodation, commercial, HMO, offices, the iSense offer an unmatched IoT Heating Management solution, with a robust and flexible API infrastructure interface, a highly protected Data encryption, 4 secure SSL barriers, and extra protection with DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Services), connected to the iSense smart radiators thermostats, which is able to control your electric heating or other devices from wherever you are (3G, 4G and 5G networks).

iSense is an intuitive, Cloud-based (IoT) Heating Control application, is easy to use and gives you complete control over every aspect of your smart electric heating. Effectively program, monitor, reduce your energy consumption and keep your heating bill as low as possible. IoT Features and specifications:

  • No monthly fee, completely free to use.
  • Set individually the heating programs by the minute, remotely manage your electric heating schedules.
  • Programme up to 1000 electric radiators, and 100 Zones, properties or locations.
  • Self-learning Auto program mode.
  • Integrated Energy Saving Assistant, warning alerts of an event directly delivered to your mobile devices.
  • Turn on or off the electric radiators and adjust the current temperature mode to your priority preference: Eco, Comfort.
  • Set the exact temperature level (0.1 degrees) for comfort and economy mode in different rooms or zones.
  • Choose your heating priority in self-learning mode to adjust to your lifestyle patterns.
  • Smart ambient temperature sensors adjustment with automatic compensation.
  • Detailed energy consumption reporting, analyse to achieve performance optimisation.
  • Generate precise Business’s carbon reductions reports.
  • Opti Sensor to program and adjust hot water settings accordingly.

    Occupancy management saves the most cash !
    Ask us for a free demonstartion on the ultimate Heating Management System for your domestic or commercial properties.

My-Sense Control your Electric Radiators from our app

Be in full control of your electric heating and your bills from any mobile device at anytime.

Choosing the right heating controls is just as important as choosing the right central heating system. The iSense multi zones heating management allows you to independently control the temperature of a given room in your property separately from any other zone, reducing the energy use of any domestic or commercial building. Heating empty rooms or unoccupied areas of the home wastes plenty of energy, so it makes sense to restrict which zones are heated, some areas in buildings, especially large buildings, require different levels of heating, with different temperatures at different scheduled time. Unexpected increase of energy consumption? Let our iSense integrated energy saving assistant advice you on how to optimise your consumptions and reduce by up to 35% your energy bills.

Control your Smart Electric Radiators easily with any mobile device or PC from everywhere.

All commercial buildings need a state of the art Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) to control, manage and reduce heating costs. Being kept informed when problems occur is one of the great advantages of INTELLI HEAT system, it gives you peace-of-mind.

We helped businesses across the UK to improve heating management, and consequently reduce energy usage up to 35%, saving them in their first year.
The typical Heating Management System installations that we maintain and monitor are:
– Local Authorities & Councils
– Business, Offices, Shops & Retail Outlets
– Schools, Colleges, Universities & Educational Facilities
– Large students accommodations, Campus bedsit
– Hotels, B&B, Guest Houses
– Leisure Centres
– Holiday homes
– Care homes
– HMO (house in multiple occupation)
– Off grid Lodges & Static Caravans Homes
– Commercial Properties
– Multi Site Retail Outlets

Our Electric Heating Management control works with the iSense smart Wi-Fi electric radiators.

iSense Smart Wi-fi Electric Radiators

The iSense is one of the most technologically advanced Smart Electric Radiator, can be installed very easily into any building, and can be operated either with the dedicated App or via the radiator touchscreen LCD thermostat. Fully compliant with the requirements of LOT 20 Ecodesign. 

Isense wifi smart electric radiators by intelli heat
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Do You Want Effective Heating Controls? No Problem, we offer Two easy Ways to Control your heating and energy consumptions:

For Mobile & Tablet (Domestic)

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To get the most out of our iSense Wireless Smart Thermostat, and iSense Heating App, iSense enables unique eco programming features, energy usage and running cost data, thermostat settings personalisation and remote heating control. Perfect solution for one to 30 connected devices. 

Web browser for Desktop & Laptop (commercial)

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Need to understand your business’s carbon reporting requirements and reduce your energy bills? Use Heating Management System with any desktop web browser to manage your accounts, program up to 1000 radiators, 200 different sites locations, control your heating, components status and view, monitor your energy consumptions usage instantly. Perfect commercial solution for 20 to 1000 connected smart devices. 

Always on the go?

Watch the iSense Wi-fi Electric Radiators, and Heating Management Application Video Tutorials.

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Video Tutorial: How to connect your iSense smart radiator’s thermostat to the Wi-Fi and dedicated Heating Control App.

Video Testimonial: ESOS Energy Assessor review on the iSense Heating Control App.

Video Tutorial: How to connect the iSense wi-fi Electric Radiators to the dedicated Heating Management App