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Electric Heating News

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iSense wifi smart electric central heating in bedroom by IntelliHeat

Electric Central Heating guide

What you need to know about Electric Central Heating, from supply to installation costs, our in-depth guide provides all the information you will need about energy efficient central heating systems and renewable solutions available in UK.

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Cali Sense electric heating with EcoDesign complaint thermostat controls.

How do electric radiators work?

How do electric radiators work? How do INTELLI HEAT electric radiators work? This post looks to explain how Intelli Heat electric radiators work and the many efficiency features which have been developed over the course of the last two decade.

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Mysense Multi zone heating control system by Intelli heat

Multi zone heating control system

Controlling your heating more effectively will save you money and increase the comfort of your home. MySense multi zone heating control system work with the iSense wi-fi electric radiators

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Touch screen thermostat for isense wifi radiators by Intelli Heat

Energy Efficient Smart Electric Radiators

Smart Electric Radiators use IoT for the best energy efficiency, the Internet of Things or IoT, is now being utilised by Smart Electric Radiators interface units to totally transform the way we reduce energy costs and Co2 emissions.

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With the British Government’s strategy for net zero, and continuing the push towards low carbon heating systems, you can now ask Intelli Heat the Electric Heating experts any question on Electric Radiators, electric heating, heating control, wi-fi connected radiators. Our dedicated team of experts will help explain why now's the right time to get a low carbon heating system, and how a smart connected heating system could lower your bills and shrink your carbon footprint.