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IntelliHeat only provide the highest quality electric heating systems, manufactured from start to finish in a controlled environment at our  manufacturing plant. This approach ensures that every electric radiator we sell has been rigorously tested to ensure both efficiency and quality. It is this approach that has enabled us to continuously deliver market leading levels of customer satisfaction.

Electric heating provides many options, with choices of design, colour, style, shape, and some amazing features to include or rule out.

Here’s on the Electric Radiators support page a list of our radiators energy saving key features:

LCD Built-In 7/7 program & Control

Every electric heater has a built-in digital EcoDesign programmer and can be on or off or set to a different temperatures in every individual room at different slots time.

MYSENSE Wireless Control App

Our electric radiators can be controlled in 3 different ways. Via a remote-control free App that connects each radiator to an app on your smartphone, iPad or personal computer, program and keeps track of your energy use in each room minute by minute. The MySense Smart energy savings assistant then makes useful suggestions to you, for saving energy and reducing costs.

Example: self-learning mode to adjust to your lifestyle. The bathroom towel heater is switched on every day from 8am to 5pm, would you like us to turn it off after 9.03am and back on again at 4.19pm?

Mobile App

Every single radiator can be zoned controlled separately. Not like the box on the wall for gas heating which can only turn the boiler on or off, up or down – and then EVERY radiator must be on or off. With IntelliHeat, this is not the case, and every radiator can be controlled to a specific individual temperature or switched off while keeping the other radiators switched on.

Open Window or Door Detection Energy Savings

A sudden drop in temperature is detected by each programmer and will automatically switch off or setback the radiators concerned, to avoid wasting energy. This is vital when someone leaves the bedroom window open and then goes out all day. Or in a large office building, when Mr Jones goes home early on Friday and leaves the office window open all weekend.

The intelligent eco sensor will react to any temperature variations in each room, if a door or window is open and cold air rushes in, the intelligent radiator will react to this temperature change and will not switch on again until the temperature stabilises, indicating that the door or window has been closed.

Dual Optimisation Feature

Dual function controls mean you can decide to prioritise comfort or eco savings. In eco savings mode, the radiator will slightly reduce the temperature at the start and end of each heating time period, for example:

Select a programme with comfort temperatures from 6am to 8am, 12pm to 2pm and 6pm to 10 pm. The smart electric radiator will then automatically operate in eco-energy savings mode in between those times, giving you the lowest possible energy use every day. The times can be changed to suit your family lifestyle and will react to the changing temperatures outside.

Occupancy Detection Self-Learning Feature

The precise presence detector on the front of every radiator will detect the movement of people in the room and the non-movement when no one is home. When there is an absence of movement, the temperature will slowly decrease to setback (13 – 14 -15.2 degrees)– saving energy and reducing your heating bills while no one is home.

For the first 7 days, every radiator will memorise your family lifestyle and habits to calculate a 7-day programme to give you maximum comfort while you are home and maximum savings while you are not. Perhaps you visit the gym every Friday before getting home, so the radiators will delay switching on until 20 minutes before you arrived home the Friday before. It constantly learns your behaviors and constantly adjusts to give you maximum energy savings, hour by hour and day by day. Walking the dog every morning for 30 minutes, the temperatures will automatically switch to eco-saving, and back again to comfort temperature when you return from your walk.

User Profile Settings

You can choose from your House, Public Building, Hotel, Shop, School or Office profile settings and the radiator will then behave slightly differently. For example; the office and public building setting will revert to eco-energy savings after 5 pm every day and all weekend, but the home and hotel settings will use eco savings during the day and comfort heating settings after 5 pm and at weekends.

The fine-tuning of each room will be done constantly, as each radiator leans from the behaviour in the room during the week before and will adjust its programme accordingly to react to occupancy and repeating patterns of use.

Preventing Unintentional Temperature Changes

Each electric radiator has a Child Lock, Rental Housing PIN Code Lock function to prevent users from changing the heat setting above or below your desired temperature. This means that in Hotels and Offices, you can prevent users from setting their room from extremely high or low temperatures, causing frost problems or energy wastage.

For example: Set the maximum temperature to 23.2 degrees and the minimum temperature to 17.5 degrees, giving the user a full range of personal choice in between these temperatures.

WiFi built-in

Each iSense radiator has it’s own WiFi connection to the cloud and will send details of it’s working temperatures in real time to the cloud-based dashboard. This means you can control every room in real time – without leaving your office chair 200 miles away. Vital for managing a hotel, public building or offices. No need to be on site or to walk from room to room turning radiators on or off, checking energy usage, control the radiators components status. 

Self-Learning Behaviour

Our electric radiators can detect when there is no movement in the room and will then suggest a possible energy saving to you by sending you an email asking if you wish the programme to self-adjust to save you energy at these times.

Self-learning mode to adjust to your lifestyleThis latest generation IntelliHeat systems are further equipped with motion sensors which can override the heating programmes where the room remain unoccupied for a pre-set duration.

REAL-TIME Energy monitoring

No matter where you are, if you have a WiFi signal, you can see exactly how much energy each room in your property is using right NOW.

Child Lock/Child Protection

A simple child lock setting will give each radiator a maximum temperature setting, so no-one can waste energy by turning it up to 29 degrees. Useful for Hotels, Guest Houses, Holiday Homes and all commercial offices and public buildings.

Holiday Mode

While you are away from home, the ‘holiday mode’ can be set to keep a maximum and minimum temperature that you decide for your property and for each room individually.

Boost Option

The boost option gives a fast reaction to a change in the weather, without needing to re-programme each radiator.

MySense electric radiators app

iSense radiators provide Real-Time Energy Consumption Indication, a total knowledge of the real-time energy consumption in every room. You can see immediately if ‘Jane’ has turned her radiator on full while you are away.

Keep Your Electric Heating System When You Move

With any IntelliHeat connected radiator, you can take them with you to a new property and move them around when you build an extension or change the interior design. There are NO PIPES or WIRES to be uninstalled in any walls, ceilings or floors.

Complies with Eco-Design ‘LOT 20’ 2018 Legislation

All our ranges are fully compliant with, and indeed exceeds, all the requirements of LOT 20 Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products Regulations, with a 40% Energy Efficiency score rating. Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Architects and Builders can use these radiators when compliance is a requirement of their contract.

Uo to 10 Year Guarantee

2 years (depending on range) on fluid and electrical components. Up to 10 years (depending on range) on outer body and powder coated surface.

There is no boiler to be repaired or maintained or serviced and every radiator has its own ten-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind and a ZERO MAINTENANCE BILL for the next TEN YEARS.

LST Low Surface Temperature Surface

Cali Sense has a low surface temperature (40 degrees) and is suitable for every kind of installation where vulnerable people may be in residence, from NHS, nurseries and schools to sheltered accommodation, care homes and hospitals.

Position Above Sofa

Radiant heat uses less energy than convection heat and installing them at chest height means your valuable wall space can be free for your furniture and interior design.

Fully Installed in 1 Hour

You do not need any special tools, or special training courses, or any specially certified installers. Just a drill, rawlplug and four screws are all that is needed. One man can install a complete house in half a day.

No Pipes Installation

Just a wall space, a drill, and a screwdriver are all that is needed.

Key features list

IntelliHeat Brochures, Guides and User Manuals.

You can find and download all of IntelliHeat’s products User Guides, Products Brochures and Instruction manuals on our dedicated Brochures & Manuals page. 

IntelliHeat Advanced Heating Solutions Brochure 2021 Cover

IntelliHeat Brochure

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We are proud of our customer service and quality products, but don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at our Google reviews for yourself.

From start to finish, Intelli Heat were just amazing. They gave me such great advice on which radiators to order to replace my really inefficient storage heaters, and showed me how much I could save, which was hundreds of pounds in energy costs. They then sent an engineer round and installed the system, which is so easy to use, and keeps my house at the perfect temperature. What I love especially about my Needo electric heaters is that I am no longer heating rooms no one is in! .... Thank you, I have recommended you to my friends