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With a wide range of connected Wi-fi Electric Radiators, Towel rails and Designer Electric Radiators we are confident in delivering exactly what you need.

We are changing the way people think about Electric Heating.

With everyone looking towards Sustainability and a low energy consumption, our clients understand the critical importance of identifying an electric radiator that not only would be energy efficient, but also of superior quality innovative technologies creating the ideal balance between comfort and efficiency. Every Intelli Heat product is manufactured and designed to deliver maximum energy efficiency, control, comfort and elegance to its user, offering a real cost effective alternatives to inefficient Storage Heaters, Oil, LPG and Solid Fuel heating systems.

Our Electric Radiators, vertical electric radiators, towel radiator ranges

From the most affordable to the most exclusive, our Electric Radiators speak innovation and quality. Whether you choose the Cali Sense, iSense, Balneum or the Creative Radiators designer comprehensive range, from the initial heating requirements consultation, sales process to help you make the right choice, to the after-sales customer support, buying from us is always a guarantee.

Choosing the perfect electric heating controls is just as important as choosing the right heating system.

Lately, there has been a growing demand for Heating Management controls. Smart devices (IOT) are now part of our everyday life, monitoring, optimisation and intelligent controls to reduce energy consumption give our user full control over heating expenditure, CO2 emission and energy usage monitoring.

Linking design and efficiency with the implementation of smart controls our iSense free Application offers an intuitive, heating control management system that with its user-friendly interface aims at reducing energy usage effortlessly and efficiently.

Smart electric heating controls allows you to connect and communicate with all your iSense radiator’s smart thermostats, whether it’s from a mobile device or through the Web Application, wherever you are, whenever you want.


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By simply replacing your old inefficient heating system with a more technologically advanced one, you will lower your energy bills and reduce the impact this unprecedented price surge may have on your finances, potentially saving up to £600 a year on your energy bills, and reduce your Co2 footprint.

By switching to smart heating, you can let your energy savings pay for your new heating!

Designer Electric Radiators

CREATIVERADS Bespoke Electric Radiators LOGO

Design works best when driven by a purpose.

Creative Radiators brand-new inspirational ideas offer a stunning decorative heating solution, transforming any room with truly bespoke designer electric radiators.

Creative Radiators are the result of patented, innovative radiant technology studied especially to deliver maximum heating efficiency through minimal energy consumption. Thanks to the natural thermal inertia of marble powder, the stored heat is gentle, gradually and evenly released into the room.