Cali Sense Electric Radiators

Energy efficient, Aluminium Electric Radiators

Maximum Comfort for minimum Energy©, excellent alternative to storage heaters.

CALI SENSE energy efficient electric radiators offer a 24/7 digital programming, open window detection, and Eco-design features, intuitive smart control abilities and an ergonomic design, the Cali Sense range substantially lowers running cost with an excellent energy performance rating. A slim, stylish premium aluminium design to suit any interior, CALI SENSE creates a perfect balance between high performance and comfort. 

How efficient is your heating? The Cali Sense Thermodynamic Radiator is our best-selling model that delivers on both styling and heating performance, ensuring the perfect combination of high performance and maximum energy efficiency. One of the secret to energy efficiency in your home are Smart thermostats, allowing home owners to reduce their energy bills by up to 35%. Smart thermostats on INTELLI HEAT systems learn from consumer behaviour and can provide substantial savings in energy consumption.

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Eco design energy Efficiency

The Best replacement for storage heaters * Cali Sense is fully compliant with all the requirements of LOT 20 Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products Regulations 2018/2020, exceeeding with a 39% Energy Efficiency score rating.

Advanced electric heating control at your fingertips, energy saving features and benefits:

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Up to 35% energy saving.*

Boosting the most advanced energy saving technology, controls and design, the Cali Sense® technology incorporates: 360 degrees PIR sensors to detect room occupancy, automatically reducing the temperature when presence is not detected for maximum energy saving. Furthermore, like real time energy consumption indication, Adaptive Energy control, open window detection, self learning program and PIN code locking, the Cali Sense is the perfect choice for private, commercial and rented properties. The integration of Lot 20 EcoDesign saving features provide our customers with up to 35% energy saving as compared to old storage heaters, panel heaters, oil, lpg boilers.

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10-Years Aluminium Body Warranty

2-Years Electronics Warranty

Maintenance Free

Low Energy Consumption

Child / Rental PIN Lock

Open Window Detection

Help for the Visually and Hearing Impaired

Looking for one of the best replacement for storage heaters?
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Cali Sense Specifications and RRP Prices
C-SEN750 750 580 631 80 15.7 £420
C-SEN1000 1000 580 711 80 17.9 £450
C-SEN1250 1250 580 871 80 21.4 £499
C-SEN1500 1500 580 951 80 23.2 £525
C-SEN2000 2000 580 1191 80 29.1 £540

Cali Sense Energy Rating Performance Label

CALI SENSE INT150D_Rating-Label_200220_B
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