Electric Towel Radiators

Our Eco-design, Lot 20 compliant Electric Towel Radiators, Designer Towel Rails are designed and manufactured to create a beautifully finished, exclusive Electric Towel Rail with integrated thermostatic heating controls and Eco-design programmer.

We have a choice of modern towel rails in various styles, colours and sizes. All of our modern towel radiators are manufactured with high quality materials and come with exceptional heat outputs. They heat up quickly, retain the heat for a long time, and feature a built-in 24 hour / 7 day timer and open window recognition, they are fully Eco Design / Lot 20 compliant.

Balneum Eco+ Electric Towel Radiators

LOT 20-compliant, EcoDesign features make our Balneum Eco+ electric towel radiator amongst the most energy efficient towel heaters available in the UK.

Our Electric Towel rails are equipped with a back-lit LCD thermostat, the Balneum Eco+ Towel Rail provides the same levels of control, energy efficiency, and comfort as all other IntelliHeat Eco-design compliant products.
Accurate to within 0.1 degrees, you can be sure your bathroom or kitchen will be heated consistently and comfortably, never too cold or, indeed, too hot! 

Our thermostatic electric heated towel rails will keep your bathroom and towels warm and cosy. Packed with energy saving features, the Balneum radiator is an energy efficient, versatile solution for bathrooms, washrooms and your kitchen. Available in White or beautiful metallic Grey Ch, 500w or 700w output.

Balneum Eco+ Towel Rail back-lit LCD thermostat

Balneum Eco+

BAL0500EC Grey 500 w 968 500 32 14.5 £410
BAL0700EC 700w 1280 500 32 19.7 £390

Balneum Eco+ Electric Towel Radiators

Heat up your bathrooms, washrooms and even your kitchen with our Stunning Range of Designer Towel Radiators & Towel Warmer. Choose from a wide selection of Designs, Colours, Styles and Sizes. The Balneum Eco+ electric towel radiator is amongst the most energy efficient towel heaters available in the UK.

Designer Electric Towel Radiators

Sleek and stylish, our Designer Towel Radiator with its stunning, minimalist design is ideal for small and larger areas.

How efficient are your bathroom, kitchen radiators?  More than just a Towel Warmer, Intelli Heat Designer Towel Radiators offers a bespoke, decorative heating solution that blend perfectly with you interior without compromise.

Available in 600w and 1000w, with a range of rail and hook accessories. Any RAL Colour is available on request.

Always on the go?

Make it Wi-Fi with our optional MyLink smart socket.

With MyLink, you can connect and control other products such as lighting, appliances and hot water via the MySense App.

MySense Link Optional WiFi Smart Socket for electric radiators