Smart Electric Heating controls

Choosing the best smart electric heating controls is just as important as choosing the right heating system. Controlling your electric heating more effectively will save you money, reduce C02 and increase the comfort of your home.

How can smart thermostats help achieve net zero energy in your home?

One of the key technologies that can help you achieve net zero energy in your home and save on your bills is a smart thermostat, control is a critical factor in achieving energy efficiency. Only Smart (ie. WiFi connected) electric heating systems allow complete control of each radiator, area, floor or multiple properties. Some premium solutions, such as our iSense range, enable customised programming, smart assistants, occupancy and open window detection, and even self-learning – all from a mobile app or your pc. 

‘Control’ is so important that an advanced Heating Management System (HMS) can cut bills by up to 30%. (E.ON, July 2023)

In a newly announced Government scheme having energy-saving materials or devices installed in your home will positively impact UK households and the country’s net zero goals by making all heating controls, including smart heating controls even more affordable, ensuring you’ll see a faster return on your initial investment. Read on to find out more about the Government scheme.

Energy is valuable, do not waste it!

We believe our connected heating solutions offer the best smart heating controls on the market. The IntelliHeat smartphone app enables customised heating program schedules, alerts and commands – anytime, anywhere. Features also include daily heating schedules, frost protection, and ‘holiday mode’ to ensure heating is on prior to returning to the property.

When a window is opened, our iSense Smart radiators sensor will detect a significant drop in temperature and switch to frost protection mode. The iSense Smart radiators also offer PIN code lock, providing additional security for social and private rental housing, HMO, Hotels. 

iSense can also provide automated learning. By monitoring your heating use, the times of day you use your heating, and your preferred room temperature, the system can automatically adjust and synchronise your heating. Settings can be protected to prevent access to your programmes. 

How Smart central heating control saves you money

The Energy Savings Trust advises that one of the most important steps you can take to reducing your heating bills, and lowering your carbon emissions, is to have a home heating system that can be easily controlled and monitored.

By programming, and controlling, individual smart electric radiators, rather than an entire central heating system, users have greater versatility. The efficiency of any central heating system is greatly increased by dividing the home into distinct heating zones (eg. heating bedrooms only in the evening and morning, or when rooms are unused for a period). Multi zone heating control system how it works.

Video shows how to connect and set up the iSense wi-fi Electric Radiators to the dedicated Heating Management App

Smart heating controls for remote diagnostics

Right now, more than ever, we want to keep an eye on our heating costs. We need to keep track of our spending and ensure we’re not wasting any heat and a smart thermostat with dedicated heating management control can help to do that.

iSense is the latest generation, user-friendly, intuitive, wireless heating management for your iSense smart electric radiators. The purpose of the iSense heating management system is to program, zone, save energy, and be used to monitor and effectively control heating distribution, energy consumption, hot water and lighting.

INTELLI HEAT clients have a bespoke smart heating support service that ensures offices, commercial properties, home’s heating is always running at its optimal cost effective level.

Utilising secured data received from your INTELLI HEAT WiFi-connected thermostat, we can deliver remote diagnostics to help resolve issues you may experience, review and correct your device’s settings and control inputs alongside analysing your system’s temperature readings and its historic energy consumptions behaviour to assist in improving your home’s energy performance.

– Highly protected Data encryption
– 4 secure SSL barriers in addition to the protection barrier of your device
– Protection with DDOS (Distributed Denial of Services)

Should the unexpected arise, there is no need to send an engineer to check any issue with the heating. By using IOT smart intelligent and remote diagnostics to login to the property’s energy dashboard, you can remotely monitor energy consumption, check settings, installation, and possible errors; diagnose and fix any issues. Whatever your profile: End users, Social and private Landlords, Housing Associations, Builders and Architects, MySense is a single interface which self-adapts to meet all users’ needs.

iSense Heating Management System by intelli heat
iSense Heating Management System by intelli heat on a computer

Our Smart wireless radiators thermostats

Having accurate temperature control means you can keep a room at the temperature that you need it, and adjust it automatically over time. Our Smart radiator thermostats work by sensing the precise ambient temperature in every room (to a fraction of a degree). It switches (21.5 – 22.5 degrees) each radiator on when the room temperature falls below the programmed digital thermostat setting. It automatically switches to background temperature (13.5 – 15 degrees) when the required temperature is reached. 

Smart electric heating thermostat control give you access to features such as smart temperature control, turning your electric heating system on and off, programming your system and check energy consumptions in realtime from anywhere.

iSense wifi electric radiators picture close thermostat
iSense Smart electric heating thermostat control

Our smart electric central heating systems allow you to create schedules using a free web based application or a smartphone app. INTELLI HEAT Heating Management System (HMS) software is available for iPhone, Android or web app for any browser. The iSense App provides detailed energy consumption reporting, analyse to achieve performance optimisation, generate precise Business’s carbon reductions reports, summaries and reports on energy usage which help the user to understand their use and expenditure, and adjust accordingly.

This complete control saves money, and has the ability to configure different kWh prices for each hour of the day. These reports allow the user to view by day, month or year – including current and historic information.

iSense Smart wi-fi connected electric radiators
iSense Smart wi-fi connected Electric Radiators

LOT 20? ECODESIGN Energy Efficiency Directive Never heard of it…

Part of the European Ecodesign Directive, LOT 20, defines the energy efficiency standards of all ‘local space heaters’ including Storage Heaters, Electric Radiators, Infrared Heaters, etc, etc. From 1st January 2018 all electric heaters sold in the UK were required to meet those energy saving standards.

All heaters have to incorporate intelligent room temperature controls to minimise wasted energy and comply with Energy Related Products Regulations (ERP). To be LOT 20 compliant, heaters must include, amongst other things, three key features:

  • 24/7 time and temperature control, either built-in or through wireless/WiFi.
  • Electronic thermostatic control for accurate room temperature measurement.
  • Open window/door recognition so the heater can reduce usage should the user leave a door or window open.

If you’re in the market for new electric radiators, a Lot 20 compliant product will represent the very best the market has to offer. Always check radiators for LOT 20 compliance before you buy.

All IntelliHeat products meet LOT 20 standards and, in addition, feature a ‘Triac’ energy regulator within the smart thermostat system. This allows our radiators to choose the best time to bring the room up to the temperature set by the user – reducing energy wastage.

On our Electric Radiators support page you can discover the list of all our radiators key features and learn more about the Energy saving feature of modern electric radiators.

And remember, the very best in intelligent, user-friendly, electric central heating means being ‘Smart’. That means a connected system using Wireless (Wi-Fi) and managed by comprehensive cloud based Heating Management System – available on any device, anywhere, at any time. If your system is just a direct, local wi-fi, does not measure up to those requirements, it’s not SMART.

Intelli Heat, a Smart Way to Control Your Electric Heating. Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say about the benefits of our dedicated heating management systems on our reviews, and customer testimonials page. Or you call us on 0203 916 0000 to find out more.  

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