Office and Commercial Electric Radiators

Our range of Smart Electric Radiators built with premium aluminium are the ideal solutions for commercial premises like workshops, offices, HMO, hotels. They provide an effective, controllable, wireless heating solution while saving energy and money.

INTELLI HEAT Smart Electric radiators in offices
Wi-Fi Electric Radiators for Offices, HMO, Hotel and Commercial premises

CASE STUDY: Controllable, energy saving heating for fifteen offices rooms.

Our client’s aim was for a controllable and highly efficient electric heating system, but also required an elegant range in alternative to the inefficient aesthetically unpleasant panels heaters currently in place. He wanted to reduce the office heating expenditure and but also understand the business’s carbon reporting requirements, while still maintaining a comfortable, productive working environment.

Inefficiently heated offices have been linked to reduced productivity, and the colder weather often leaves employers and employees alike on the hunt for an easy but effective heating solution. An office that’s too hot not only increases your energy bills and costs for your business, but will also affect employees’ productivity, therefore, it’s important to ensure that you can easily adjust the output of heaters both individually and as a system. Plus, offices that are using too much heat are also running up energy bills and costs for your business.

Increase productivity while reducing energy costs & Carbon Footprint.

Joshua, our client, had an ageing and inefficient old electric heating system with limited controllability, and because of this, the heating was on across the whole building of 15 offices when it was only required in the occupied rooms.  The old hard-wired electric radiators with a basic  ‘ON – OFF’ function were on for must of the year, 6 days a week between 6-8am & 5-7pm.

When Joshua contacted Intelliheat stated that he had only 2 days to complete the removal and replacement of the existing offices heating. After a thorough consultation, he was very enthusiastic about the prospect of installing through the entire office building the new iSense Smart Radiators with dedicated heating management App. Our fully trained commercial installer removed all the old radiators and installed the new heating system in 2 days while the offices remained open without causing any disruption. Each radiator has its own wi-fi connection straight to the secure cloud-based dashboard, (no router connection of smart plugs) no need for rewiring or making structural changes to listed buildings. Quick and simple in only 2 days!

Intelli Heat heating management APP for commercial building

Controllable, energy saving heating for offices

Our challenge : Energy is being used whether someone is in the room or not, tenants programme the heat for 3 hrs of heat but leave after an hour, which means 2 hours of energy used in an unoccupied room. Consequently, the panel heaters life span may be shorter due to overuse, energy is wasted and a new heating replacement is therefore necessary. 

All IntelliHeat smart radiators are equipped with a dual-thermostats temperature measuring system. This means that the heaters measure both the room and the radiator temperature on a continual basis, and as explained in regards to the TRIAC algorithm functionality, the radiators are therefore able to draw the exact energy load required to generate and release the exact heat load needed for the room in question to meet the assigned temperature.

What is the most efficient way to heat my offices?

Choosing the right heating controls is just as important as choosing the right heating system.

With Intelli Heat Heating Management System zoning options allow grouping by rooms or floors with ease, use the built-in heating plans to create a comfortable environment. The efficiency of a heating system is greatly increased by dividing the building into distinct heating zones covering different heating needs. In most cases there is no need to heat certain rooms during the day, when they are not in use, or to run the whole system at the same temperature.

iSense Heating Management System by intelli heat on a mac
Intelli Heat iSense Heating Management System

Intelli Heat iSense radiators with Heating Management System 

Joshua was clearly looking for a controllable Wi-Fi heating system which was aesthetically pleasant, yet ensuring each member of staff was comfortable within they work environment. Avoiding energy waste, efficiency and remote controllability were also of paramount importance and a key factor for choosing The iSense heating management which seemed to tick all the boxes for Joshua’s heating requirements.
The following iSense wi-fi radiators were installed in this commercial property:
– 7 x 1000w 
– 3 x 1250w
– 3 x 1500w
– 2 x 2000w 
With a Total kWh output of 19.5 kWh and an average usage* of 13 Kw /Hour. Averagely over the year the landlord is paying 20 P per kWh, and the heaters will work in empty rooms. 

This is based on 28 weeks out of term dates, with a 1.5 kw heater on an average cost of 20 p per KW per hour in 20 rooms. * 18.5 kWh x 0.7 (energy saving features)

Previous heaters running costs / year –  based on 29Kw/hour x 8H x 200 days = 46400 x 20p = £9300
iSense actual running costs / year – based on 13Kw/hour x 8H x 200 days = 20800 x 20p = £3900
Which is approximately 40% saving on electric consumption, with a ROI of only 18 months.
Previous heaters carbon footprint9.80 tonnes: 46400 kWh of electricity at 0.2111 kg CO2e/kWh *
iSense actual carbon footprint  4.39 tonnes: 20800 kWh of electricity at 0.2111 kg CO2e/kWh *
Which is approximately 45% saving on CO2 Emissions. *

We provided the client individual Ip address for each wi-fi radiator with integrated energy saving technology, each occupant would have the use of the App designed specifically for and can turn the heat up and down from the comfort of their mobile device. This means that if you have premises in ten cities, with one hundred radiators in each, you can control and manage ALL OF THEM using one person logging onto the dashboard from any location in the world that has a Wi-fi connection.

iSense wifi connected Electric radiators in offices
iSense smart wi-fi electric radiators installed in offices 

How do you heat effectively a large commercial building?

Each commercial heating system offers distinct characteristics, so it is important to first consider the type of heating required and the space it is for before making a decision, essentially there are three primary options to heat large spaces: warm air heating, oil or gas heating and radiant/convection heating.

Warm air space heating systems draw in air through an exchanger and distribute it evenly throughout an area, but warm air inevitably rises in buildings with high ceilings, resulting in massive energy loss.

Radiant/convection heating offers an energy-efficient solution for commercial spaces, as such systems are able to direct heat where it is needed. Infrared radiation provides heat to occupants within range but this may pose some limitations depending on how the workspace is laid out.

Oil or gas heating – commercial boilers are prominently used to heat larger properties. Whether oil or gas boilers, water is heated and then sent to radiators, or in some cases, water is used to create steam that is then sent through the pipe system.

The new iSense smart electric heating system is equipped with motion sensors which can override the heating programmes where the room is unoccupied . This is especially useful when a pre-set programme is applied but will be overridden when no movement is sensed in the area for a determined period. When this happens, the radiators will automatically lower the temperature by up to 2 degrees every so often until setting itself into frost protection after 72 hours of no occupancy. Therefore, there is nothing to worry if the tenants go on holiday and forget the heating on.

What is the best heating system for your hotel, Hmo, shops or offices?

When searching for the best heating system for your hotel, shops or offices it’s important to first establish the customers ‘need. A quiet, easily operated and efficient heating system can have a huge effect on the tenant’s working experience. Our Wi-fi Electric Heating is an ideal heating system suited for most environments. They come with a long guarantee, built with high quality materials, are highly efficient and are quickly and easily installed with no disruption.  

The iSense smart radiators with the dedicated Heating Management App will help reduce your property’s energy consumption by only heating the parts of the building that are being used, controlling the heating in each individual room or zone while automatically learning the best schedule. It helps saving energy and money while keeping your tenants comfortable.

iSense Electric Radiators and Mysense heating control system INTELLI HEAT
iSense smart electric heating thermostat is equipped with motion sensors

Are your heating bills in your HMO property too expensive?

Is your Hmo heating being left on high throughout the day while the tenants are out?

With the increasing demand for affordable housing, more and more landlords are considering HMO’s as a sustainable option. Accommodating lots of people under one roof can be tricky, especially when it comes to heating, they will have different patterns of occupation and therefore require heating at different times schedules and different temperatures for each room. In the last 18 years the iSense with its dedicated heating management system has been installed in hundreds of different properties.

Intelli Heat accurate thermostats on each individual unit means they are very responsive to changes in room temperature. Our electric radiators are packed with energy efficient features like open window/doors detection for instance which switches off the unit if it notices a significant drop in room temperature or presence detection that lowers the temperatures and eventually switches off when the thermostat senses the room is unoccupied ensuring that minimal energy is wasted with lower electric bills as a result. With the iSense heating management system, landlords have full remote access to their properties’ electric systems and can rest assured the heating is only running when and where there are tenants in the propertywithout wasting energy to heat properties when the tenants are out or if accidentally the system was left on while the occupants are away for a long period of time.

wentworth hotel aldeburgh pics 3127
INTELLI HEAT heating management system installed in a HMO property

Heating management system in a HMO benefits:

Intelli Heat Heating Management System works with any desktop web browser, you can manage your accounts, program up to 1000 radiators, control your heating, components status and view, monitor your energy usage instantly. Perfect commercial solution for 20 to 1000 connected smart devices. 

  • Electric radiators don’t require annual checks or any on-going maintenance.
  • If you eliminate gas from the property, you do not need to worry about leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Having a programmable unit in every room, with an individual LCD thermostat means that the tenant can set the heating schedule and temperature around their own lifestyle and comfort allowing you to check the energy consumption in real time.
  • Preventing Unintentional Temperature Changes. Each electric radiator has a Child Lock, Rental Housing PIN Code Lock function to prevent users from changing the heat setting above or below your desired temperature. 
  • Optimal running costs. This level of controllability is also an advantage over inefficient, bulky storage heaters, which is what most people think of when they think about electric heating.
  • Occupancy Detection Self-Learning Feature. The precise presence detector on the front of every radiator will detect the movement of people in the room and the non-movement when no one is home. When there is an absence of movement, the temperature will slowly decrease to setback (14 – 13 – 12 degrees)– saving energy and reducing your heating bills while no one is in the room.
  • ROI: The capital outlay for electric radiators is minimal compared to gas central heating, by replacing your old system with a new energy efficient Intelli Heat product not only will help save on your energy bills and manage heating more efficiently, but reducing energy consumption, will contribute lessCO2 emissions. Better for you and best for the planet.
  • Part P, Part L1-2 compliance with current Buildings Regulations, new UKCA markingCE Certification, E.A.C.Certification, BS British Standards, NF and the 2018 EcoDesign Lot 20 Directive for Energy-related Products (ErP)

If you are looking to improve the efficiency within your commercial building, understand your business’s carbon reporting requirements and reduce your energy bills, it may be time to look at the heating system best suited to your business’s requirements.

Intelli Heat has been supplying commercial heating systems, certified for efficiency and reliability for more than 18 years and would be delighted to guide you through the process of choosing the best heating options for your business. Our range of office and commercial Smart Electric Radiators offer a controllable, energy saving heating solution for any commercial or Industrial properties.

Contact us for a free consultation on 020 3916 0000 or send us an Email and we’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly technical advisers team. Trade Discounts Available – Please contact us for further details.