New UKCA marking explained

Did you know that there is a new UKCA marking now we have left the EU and all products being sold in the UK must be certified with the UKCA marking under the new regulations. The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking is a new UK product marking that is used for electrical goods being placed on the market in Great Britain. 

ce-ukca Electric radiators certification

Every product that had a CE certification, now needs to be certified with a UKCA certificate before it can be sold. The initials stand for United Kingdom Conformity Assessed and it becomes law enforceable on 1st January 2022, so any products that are not certified by then CANNOT be sold in the UK. The new certification includes important changes to the way products must be labelled. 

All Electric Radiators MUST have a UKCA mark

This affects every single brand and every single product placed on the market in Great Britain: England, Wales and Scotland and will cause huge problems for the cheap Chinese market, which didn’t have a CE mark and won’t have been through the certification process in the UK to be considered safe for the UK public. 

Every trade warehouse holding stock needs to ask their manufacturers to provide them with certification for every product before January 2022, or they are illegal to be sold to the public after that date with out the UKCA Marking.

Many trade stockists will therefore be selling off stock as fast as they can, that won’t comply with the new regulations, so consumers need to think carefully before buying any heavily discounted electric radiators, as they could end up with cheap radiators but expensive replacement issues with non-compliant and unregulated products that wont pass building surveyors inspections when trying to buy, sell or lease a commercial property or domestic home. 

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Advice to Consumers on the UKCA marking

If you are ready to purchase new electric radiators, new electrical appliances for your commercial property, or your home, it’s worth having a look at the Government’s ‘Using the UKCA marking’ guidance page so that you are not misdirected into products that are uncertificated, as the famous quote says: “ buying cheap is expensive.” 

To check if the products are certificated have a look at the advice from Government here: . Using the UKCA marking – GOV.UK (

Advice to Electrical Contractors and Installers

  • Make sure you are only receiving properly certified electric radiators NOW, don’t leave it until your December jobs.
  • Check your stock levels of electric radiators and make sure that you are not left with any uncertified products that you can’t install after Jan 1st 2022. 
  • Contact ALL your suppliers to inform them that you will NOT ACCEPT any radiators that do not have UKCA certification after January 1st.
  • Stay legal, this applies to England, Scotland, and Wales – without exception! Other regulations are in place for Ireland. Any questions? Have a look at the advice from Government here:Using the UKCA marking – GOV.UK (

For Electric Heating products to continue being sold in Great Britain from 1 January 2022,it is essential that they comply with the UKCA marking.

From 1 January 2022, it is essential that products you buy comply with the UKCA marking.

It applies to products that were previously subject to the CE mark and the technical requirements (‘essential requirements’) you need to meet, as well as the previous conformity assessment processes are very similar to the previous conformity process. You can also use self-declaration of conformity for the new UKCA marking if this process was permitted under the previous CE legislation. Until 1 January 2023, it is possible to add an extra label or document to each product, showing compliance with the  UKCA marking, but you will need to take reasonable steps to make sure that this remains in place and is not separated from  the product. 

After 1st Jan 2022, all products that require the UKCA marking cannot be made available for sale without it, and after this date, the UKCA mark must be affixed directly to the product. Manufacturers need to start building this into the manufacturing process now, ready for this date.

UK_GB UKCA marking for electric radiators

IntelliHeat products are all UKCA Certificated

IntelliHeat has been working hard behind the scenes, to ensure that every single electric radiator we sell, is already compliant with the new regulations, and fully ‘kitemarked’ with the new UKCA marking, fully accredited to E.A.C. The Eurasian Economic Union Certification, CE Certification*, BS British Standards, European Standard (EN), NF *** rated energy performance accreditation. Our radiators comply with the legislative requirements Building Regulations Part L1 and L2 (Energy efficiency requirements in the Building Reg), and the new Eco-Design “Lot 20” Directive 2018 for Energy-related Products (ErP) 

If you would like any further clarification on this certifications and compliance, we are very happy to send this to you on request. 

Whether you choose the Cali Sense, iSense, Balneum, or the Creative Radiators designer radiators range, the product, expertise, advice and after sales care you will receive from IntelliHeat will be second to none. Our technical specialists are always on the phone line , with a real person available to speak to you about your specific issue or to answer your technical questions. Call us here:0203 916 0000 or leave a message for us

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