How do electric radiators work?

How do INTELLI HEAT electric radiators work? This post looks to explain how Intelli Heat electric radiators work and the many efficiency features which have been developed over the course of the last two decade.

Key to this development has been a continuous drive to deliver a more efficient form of direct heat transfer system which stands out from all other forms of electric heating, including panel heaters, convection heaters, oil filled radiators, radiant heat panels and alternative forms of heaters which have been marketed in the UK in recent years.

The technology within every Intelli Heat electric radiator

All our electric radiators provide responsive and efficient heating using three key components which work together to ensure extremely high levels of energy efficiency, making them stand out among the average radiator.  A combination of three accurate key components working in constant communication, ensure maximum level of efficiency, comfort and control.   
1 – Uniform Heat distribution “hot point” effect
2 – Energy consumption regulating
3 – Temperature control

Each components complements one another to deliver perfect thermal conductivity which ensures minimal energy consumption for maximum user comfort©. These features further work in perfect harmony with the beating heart and brain of the heating unit.

Thermodynamic fluid filled electric radiators 

Each Intelli Heat radiator is fitted with a high-quality class 2 heating element that heats up quickly via absorbing electrical energy. This energy, formulated to heat up rapidly (Advanced Condensing System©), is released slowly in the form of heat, expanding the heat across the entire heat exchange area, resulting in a maximum outer surface hot point effect.

‎IntelliHeat ACS Advanced Condensing System how it works
IntelliHeat Advanced Condensing System expanding the thermodynamic fluid.

Once heated, the electric radiator it uses minimal power to maintain the correct temperature required to heat the thermodynamic fluid.

‎IntelliHeat electric element class 2 picture
INTELLI HEAT radiator fitted with a high-quality robust Class 2 heating element

Uniform heat distribution:

IntelliHeat products are filled with a thermodynamic fluid especially designed for Intelli Heat, it favours optimum circulation and quickly diffuses heat on all the exchange surface of the radiator contributing to the permanent 100% “hot point” effect.

Thermal Images of RADIATORS Class 2
Thermal Imagery of the INTELLI HEAT range demonstrates a
the hot point effect over the entire surface of the aluminium radiators.

Electric radiators energy efficiency regulation explained

Energy consumption regulating: Analysing the numerous energy efficiency features that combine to produce our product range, emphasising the demonstrable energy savings that are being achieved by customers the length and breadth of the UK through the use of the Intelli heat system.

How does TRIAC Energy regulation work: The built in Triac energy regulator calculates the exact energy draw requirements to maintain a constant temperature, and the internal IntelliHeat smart thermostat which is accurate to within 0.1° This enables the radiators to continue heating the room on a slow release for up-to an hour after the TRIAC has stopped drawing power. The key benefit of this feature is that it allows the radiator to maintain a stable room temperature, once the target set point has been achieved, usually within 15 to 20 minutes.

When operational, the radiator will draw full power until the required temperature (set on the thermostat) is achieved. This is normally within 15 to 20 minutes. At this point, the radiator will cease drawing power, the Thermo-Dynamic fluid will have rapidly expanded, and the radiator will now have 100% hot point effect. Due to the element’s slow release of power and the fluid’s heat retention qualities, the radiator will continue emitting heat.

Subsequently, by being able to detect the room temperature to within 0.1° and also detect the exact radiator temperature, the TRIAC energy regulator is able to draw on a unique algorithm to forecast the exact energy draw requirement to generate the correct amount of heat within the room. This ensures both a stable and comfortable heating experience for the user, and the most efficient power consumption pattern, as the unique accuracy of the Intelli Heat thermostats which are accurate to within 0.1° prevents the wide variations in room temperature.

How the Energy regulator algorithm works: Due to the element’s slow release of power and the fluid’s heat retention qualities, the radiator will continue emitting heat. For example, if a 1000w radiator has dropped below the desired set-point temperature and the radiator has sensed that only 250w are required to return it to the desired level, then the radiator only draws 250w and not 1000w.

How radiators temperature controls work.

Precise heating controls help you keep your home comfortably warm, without over-heating and wasting energy, by installing and using your Intelli Heat electric heating controls effectively, you will save money on your heating bills and lower your carbon emissions.

How do the temperatures controls on the electric radiators work? All Intelli Heat systems are equipped with a dual-thermostats temperature measuring system. This means that the heaters measure both the room and the radiator temperature on a continual basis, and with the addition of the TRIAC algorithm functionality, the radiators are able to draw the exact energy load required to generate and release the exact heat load needed for the room in question to meet the assigned temperature.

Touch screen thermostat for isense wifi radiators by Intelli Heat
INTELLI HEAT Thermostat accurate temperatures control within 0.1°

The intelligent heating control APP and thermostat on IntelliHeat electric radiators have a number of features that help you heat your home efficiently:

  • Real Time Energy Use Readout – the Cali Sense and iSENSE LCD Control Screen has a real time energy use readout allowing you to monitor energy consumption by displaying how many watts the radiator is using at any time.
  • Self-Programming – the radiator will learn from your behaviour, the times you are in the room, the times it remains empty. It will then adjust its heat output accordingly. This initially takes seven days, and will then continue learning, and refining its understanding of your habits.
  • 24hr or Timer Control – you can use the integrated programmer to determine when your radiator turns on or off. The Cali Sense radiator allows you do this remotely via a smartphone app.
  • Thermostatic Control – an electric thermostat give you an accurate room temperature reading.
  • Smart Start Control – this allows the radiator to respond to changes in the room, such as a door or window being opened. The heat output will adjust automatically if the room temperature changes.
Video Tutorial : How do INTELLI HEAT electric radiators work

iSense Heating Management System sounds incredibly convenient! 

Being able to remotely control your electric radiators from anywhere can definitely provide peace of mind and help avoid unnecessary energy consumption. The Intelli Heat Heating system offer a dedicated extensive control over heating management for both residential and commercial settings, the iSense Heating application appears to provide a wide range of functionalities:

  • Programme up to 1000 electric radiators, and 100 Zones or locations.
  • Self-learning Auto program mode.
  • Integrated Energy Saving Assistant, analyses and optimise your entire smart heating installation, with warning alerts of an event directly delivered to your mobile devices.
  • Open window, doors detection sensor to prevent excessive consumption.
  • Presence detection with wide 360˚motion sensor.
  • Opti Power, and Dual optimisation feature to help saves energy.
  • Choose your heating priority in self-learning mode to adjust to your lifestyle patterns.
  • Smart ambient temperature sensors adjustment with automatic compensation.
  • Detailed energy consumption reporting, precise Business’s carbon reductions reports.
electric heating, Smart electric heating controls
iSense Electric Heating Management System by INTELLI HEAT

Choosing to install smart electric radiators with dedicated Heating Management will reduce your electricity costs, Intelli Heat are the Electric heating specialists, and by switching to smart heating, you can let your Energy savings pay for your new heating! 
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