Smart Electric Radiators in Residential Development – 12 flats Case Study Testimonial

Applethwaite Homes, a residential development where gas is not available.

Smart Electric Radiators in Residential Development. 

Applethwaite Homes – the residential development arm of the Eric Wright Group – a major construction and development company operating across the North of England, appointed IntelliHeat Ltd for the specification and supply of the electric heating systems for their recent development Applethwaite Hall, in Windermere providing quality homes in North West England.

i sense smart electric radiators testimonial case study
Cali sense smart electric radiators testimonial case study

After researching the market and comparing products, Steven Speight from the Eric Group contacted Intelliheat.

Steven understood the critical importance of identifying a product that not only would it be energy efficient, but a product of high quality that would suit the style and high-spec of the development.

Equally important was the after sales care to ensure the Cali Sense Electric Radiators were set-up in the optimal fashion to deliver on all the efficiency tools that feature on modern IntelliHeat electric heating systems, and a professional technical support team who could be contacted by both the developers and in future by the property owners, ensuring that the long guarantee provided with the products meant that the client would never be more than a phone call away from resolution!

Having taken into consideration all the factors involved with the specification of the heating systems for these properties it was decided that the only sensible solution was to proceed with the IntelliHeat product.

Following an initial product specification process, Applethwaite settled on the Cali Eco-Sense range with Sophia Towel Rails in bathrooms and en-suites. All facilitated through an app based remote control and energy monitoring system, the IntelliHeat Smart-phone based WHAPP system. In total, over 50 Cali Eco Sense radiators, 21 towel rails and 12 remote programming Smart home and energy monitoring WHAPP systems were specified and installed across the 12 flats and all communal areas.

The IntelliHeat system provided the properties with a modern, highly efficient, aesthetically pleasing and fully controllable electric heating system with two key unique benefits that could not be achieved through any competitors, firstly the WHAPP control system provides users with accurate energy consumption both historical consumption and in real time. This enables users to know exactly how much the heating is costing them, and budget in accordance.

The second unique benefit is integral to the Cali Sense range; indeed, all the heaters are equipped with presence detection technology, this works with inbuilt algorithms within the heaters which regulates a self-learning user program.

Indeed, the heaters do not, therefore, need to be programmed; instead, they detect when the rooms are in use and when they are not, and use this data to adapt the heating programme to the users’ real-life occupancy patterns.This means that programming is simple and straightforward, and mainly adapted to the bespoke occupancy cycles of each user.

In addition to the excellent service and product quality/features that Applethwaite enjoyed through the use of the IntelliHeat system, the other key consideration for the purchase was the cost of supply and installation to the client.

The cost of supply and installation for the entire 12 IntelliHeat systems with remote programming and energy monitoring technology included was reasonably and surprisingly well within their budget Whereas just supply and installation of the gas boiler and wet systems for the 12 properties would have been much higher, on top of this Applethwaite would have needed to pay to have the gas routed and supplied to the properties which would have added additional, considerable cost.

cali sense wifi electric Radiators installation INTELLI HEAT

The client has been delighted with the product and the service they have received. The addition of the IntelliHeat product range to Applethwaite Developments client proposal has added value and choice to the developers offering – making customers feel valued, improving the quality of the property offering and delivering a truly bespoke Smart electric heating experience for each and every customer!

If you would like to extend your product range and add a quality solution to your off-grid developments just contact IntelliHeat and they will provide you with all required branded marketing collateral to suit your corporate identity.

Simon Geraghty Electrical services | The IntelliHeat systems used for the installation were sold by Simona Arneodo through IntelliHeat authorised distribution partners Chris Marsh at Yesss electrical, Disley Close, Blackpool.

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Cali sense by intelli heat electric heating

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