UK has switched to Electric Central Heating

As a Property Manager or House Builder, there are always new regulations and Government Programmes to be taken account of, as well as amended and appended Standards and additional EU rules for building or refurbishment. But there is one specification that doesn’t seem to change here in the UK, and that is for the Electric heating system.

UK House building is stuck in a time warp of specifying Fossil fuelled central heating systems under the misguided impression that as gas is cheaper than electricity per kW Hour, that it is, therefore, a cheaper system to run.

Of course, we all know that the cost of running any system depends on how much energy it uses, and comparing a 25 kW gas boiler to 6 electric radiators of between 600 and 1500 watts (6 kW an average total running cost of 3hw per hour) is like comparing an apple with a tomato.

Europe and the UK has switched to Electric Heating

It is a fact that the UK currently runs years behind new technology in Europe. In the mid-1970s, Europe used Duvets on their beds, while the UK still had sheets and blankets, but now our children have no idea of what came before duvets.

The famous UK weather means that heating can often be used for up to 10 months a year, especially for households with older or vulnerable people, who need to be warm all year round. So it really does make sense to specify electric heating systems in every new build or refurb from now on.

No need for Boiler Wet Systems or Expensive Maintenance

An intelligent, efficient and flexible electric heating system is actually perfect for any situation, and can easily be installed in any building: Flats, Houses, Offices, Shops, Hotels, Bars, Schools, Gyms, Hospitals, Care Homes and Private Practices. It doesn’t need a gas supply or running water and certainly doesn’t need gas safety checks and boiler services for the next 15 years.

The cost of saving servicing and maintenance costs for every single system could be spent on building more properties or adding value by reducing the price of the properties when they go to market.

Installing an Electric Heating System

Installing Electric Heating is easy too. No need for all the ‘First-Fix’ operations, just screw 2 brackets to the wall at second fix stage, and plug into the nearest 15amp socket. No need for masonry work or holding up the floor screeds, and no fighting to get into the loft space either.

From then on, every room can have the temperature chosen by the resident. Zoning is inbuilt, and no hallway thermostats to wire up either. The sensor connected to the IntelliHeat smart control thermostat detects the room temperature, and will automatically turn the device off when the set temperature has been reached.

Wireless, Wifi, Home & Office Automation

Homeowners who are Smartphone or tablet comfortable can even set electric radiators from the comfort of an armchair, using the dedicated App provided, homeowners and property managers can manager complete systems from a tablet or smartphone, without needing to be in the building concerned.

All in all, IntelliHeat electric heating is a more elegant, affordable solution in every way. It adds value and style to any environment, with great heat conductivity, lightweight radiators, strong fittings and a ten-year warranty. The thermodynamic aluminium radiators are completely eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and precision manufactured in Italy.

All these reasons make IntelliHeat Electric Radiators not just an addition, but an ideal solution for New Build and existing properties anywhere in the UK.


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