Make sure that the electric radiators carry the highest energy performance and safety accreditation

Our Cali Sense eco-design range carries an NF PERFORMANCE Category C *** (High energy efficiency).

The NF PERFORMANCE standards that apply to electric radiators are as follows:

  • integration of “Lot 20” technological eco-features
  • EN60335-1 An ACOUSTIC & VISUAL signal for impaired
  • EN60335-1 “Household and similar electric appliances – Safety General Requirements”
  • EN60335-2-30 “Particular requirements for room heaters”
  • EN 60335-2-43 “Particular requirements for clothes dryers and towel rails”
  • EN60675 “Household electric direct-acting room heaters: Methods for measuring performance”
  • LCIE 103-13 “Specification of the NF Energy Performance”

Finally, from a purely aesthetic and Safety point of view – make sure that the electric radiators you buy are made from 100% Quality Italian Cast aluminium and do not have plastic end panels which WILL over time become dangerous, yellow and look dirty.

Also, check that the paint on the entire radiator is double-coated to ensure that they stay looking like new for years and safe!

Electrical Wholesaler have recently had to withdraw some shop online based heaters units from sale because they were deemed unfit and unsafe for sale.

Before you make a final decision as to which electric heating product range it is that you will promote, We would strongly suggest you call us first!

Metal is a conductor, wood is an insulator. Metal conducts the heat away from your hands. Wood does not conduct the heat away from your hands as well as the metal, so the wood feels warmer than the metal.

Best Heat conductor is Aluminium, Thermal Conductivity of ALUMINIUM is high 144.