Smart Electric Radiators and Smart electricity meters that make your life easier

Short Circuit Smart meters with Smart Electric Radiators

More and more people are demanding to have a Smart meter installed in their homes to enable them to enjoy the dual benefits of, reduced energy bills and greater control over consumption which enables improved energy efficiency… But there is now an alternative that offers all the benefits of the smart meter and more, for much less cost!

Indeed, the innovative Intelli Heat Smart Electric Radiator systems have inbuilt Smart Technology, giving the user all the control, and the information at the click of a button – on every single electric radiator and for every single room!

What Smart meters WON’T Tell You

A Smart Meter should be called a Basic Meter, they’ll automatically send energy providers your meter readings, so you don’t have to, however it can only tell you how much power in watts is being used in the whole house, leaving it up to you to search from room to room to see if the kettle is on, or the upstairs bedroom electric blanket was left on or is it the old fridge which is using all those kilowatts?

This doesn’t seem like a very smart meter, especially in a large house, a 100-bedroom Hotel, or a 5-story office block. Effectively whilst the smart meter will tell you what the total consumption is, it won’t tell you where that consumption is coming from, what to do to reduce it, or indeed what individual elements you can change to improve your bills going forwards!

The IntelliHeat thermodynamic wall mounted aluminium radiators go so much further in terms of smart technology. Every radiator has its own smart control built in which enables a 7-day programme accurate to within 0.1 degrees.

The system provides an INSTANT read-out of exact current energy consumption in kWh, each radiator, every Hour. You will see how the smart controller drops the power it uses as the room gets to temperature. You will be finally aware of How much it cost to run a 3kW electric heater on a consistent basis.

It will start at 100% and when the room reaches 15 degrees, it drops the power used down to 80% and then for every degree warmer in the room, it drops the power used by another 10%. Add to this the capacity to turn-off each room that is not being used, so there is absolutely NO NEED to run every electric radiator at the same time.

Control Each radiator through your Wi-Fi

Yes, from your favourite armchair, you can turn on and off any radiator in your house. For a Hotel or Office block, that means you can stay in your warm office and switch off every room not being used without moving.

Control with an APP on your Phone

In fact, you don’t even need to go to the office, with the Whapp you can control every radiator in every room from your phone, leaving you to sit on the beach and relax, or on the train, or at a conference that has finished late or simply you can turn on and off using google geolocation.

Now that’s what WE call Smart Radiators technology.

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