App to Control Your Wi-fi Electric Heating

My-Sense is a user-friendly, intuitive wi-fi control for your iSense Smart Electric Radiator.

With the My-Sense Free App you can control your iSense wi-fi Electric Radiators remotely using your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Online Intelligent Electric Heating Control for 1,000 Rooms.

Managing the heating controls for Homes, large office buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, and Care Homes, is currently a manual task; in partnership with signs educating the occupants to turn down the heating at the end of each day, not to leave windows open, and encouraging them to save energy. The problem with this is that the occupants of each room, office, school, bedroom, and hospital ward are not concerned about the heating bill that you need to pay.

Reducing the energy use of any domestic or commercial building with up to 1,000 rooms currently means monitoring temperature zones for groups of rooms or floors, and one fresh-air enthusiast can blow the budget of the whole area.

MySense is the intuitive wifi smart control App for your entire home, is easy to use and gives you complete control over every aspect of your Smart Electric Heating:

  • Set the date and time by the minute to remotely manage your electric heating schedule.
  • Programme up to 1000 electric radiators, 100 Zones, No monthly fee, completely Free.
  • Turn on or off the electric radiators and adjust the current temperature mode to your preference.
  • Set the exact temperature level (0.1 degrees) for comfort and economy mode in different rooms.
  • Choose your heating priority for self-learning mode to adjust to your lifestyle.
  • Smart ambient temperature sensor adjustment with automatic compensation.
  • Warning alerts of an event directly delivered to your mobile device for prompt intervention.
  • Detailed energy consumption reporting, analyse to achieve performance optimisation.
  • Hot water Opti sensor to program and adjust accordingly Hot water settings.

The My-sense perfectly meets all your needs, through the linking of your i-Sense electric radiators to an app, performing tasks according to your schedules and taking into account such things as your location, the weather and if anyone is at home. Intelli Heat Smart App adapts to suit your lifestyle. It thinks the way you do and automatically regulating the electric heating, lighting and everything electric in hour home. No montly fee, completely Free.

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