Total Care Heating Package for Housing Associations, Social Housing and Public Sector Facilities

IntelliHeat provides an Electric Heating Total Care Package for Housing Associations, Social Housing Organisations and the full range of Public Sector Bodies

This package is specifically designed to meet social housing needs and – just as important – the needs of your tenants. Each step of the process is carefully structured to ensure a smooth process right from initial enquiry and planning through to the installation and the full satisfaction of your tenants.

Through our robust and fully training supply chain, we deliver a seamless supply, specification and installation process for the client, “the total care package”, supporting and delivering every step of the process to ensure the changeover to an IntelliHeat system is simple, efficient and provides each tenant with a reliable, robust, accurate and economical heating solution.

Firstly we need to understand the reasons for replacing an existing heating system. The most common reason being poor energy efficiency, controllability and quality of heating outputs. Once this and certain details regarding the property are clarified, on receipt of floor plans or property dimensions we will present the client with a comprehensive heating plan and quotation.

Looking to replace outdated storage heating systems?

In many cases tenants will have become accustomed to their current heating system, therefore, the introduction of a new system needs to be carefully organised to ensure a smooth changeover.

Depending on the client’s preference, either we can deploy one of our fully trained accredited IntelliHeat installers, or in certain cases we understand that existing maintenance contracts mean the client may wish to use their own approved electrical installation teams.

Again our experience suggests that for ongoing relationships the clients existing installation and maintenance teams will come into contact with the product on a regular basis as such, during the first day we will conduct comprehensive on-the-job installation training for your contractors, liaise with tenants and hold a seminar for all your associated management, maintenance staff and tenant liaison officers. Ensuring a full understanding of the system and how to operate it, what tenants should know in order to achieve the best heating and energy efficiency results and troubleshooting.

Our objective is to provide your organisation with all the necessary expertise and support to ensure full tenant satisfaction and the confidence to undertake further heating installations once the benefits of the initial installations on tenants energy costs, and on their health once fuel poverty has been dealt with, have become apparent.

Of course, our role does not end once the system has been installed. We know the quality and efficiency of our products and we maintain ongoing support for clients and their tenants, providing a single point of contact to evaluate the electric heating system’s performance and to assist with any troubleshooting throughout the duration of our relationship, this ensures that tenants are able to drive the optimal benefits from their IntelliHeat electric heating systems and that the client has the peace of mind to know they are supported throughout our relationship.

Electric heating in social housing