Looking to replace outdated storage heating systems?

The majority of our business comes from customers looking to replace outdated storage heating systems because of their well-known drawbacks including the fact that they produce very dry air, are often bulky and unattractive, producing warmth in the morning and afternoon but fizzle out into the early evening.  There is a distinct lack of control and programming ability and having to try and predict the next day’s weather is a nightmare even for the professionals!

So while it may be seen as a big plus to be able to take advantage of lower rates of electricity overnight, this ‘benefit’ is heavily outweighed by not having the flexibility to efficiently heat the home when the occupants really need it.As long as the electrical supply is unrestricted, any existing wiring can be utilised making the installation very simple and incredibly cost-effective.

IntelliHeat offer three ranges of electric central heating to cover all of your customer’s needs.  All our electric radiators are designed to be thermo-efficient and incorporate advanced technology to ensure a highly energy-efficient performance, thus ensuring a low consumption of energy. They provide comfortable, flexible and fully controllable heating throughout the home or business exactly where and when it is needed.  No plumbing is required, and they are quick and inexpensive to install.

In many older building refurbishments and conversions of buildings to residential usage, not having to install complex pipework can make a huge saving to the project costs.

The CALI AVANTI is a slim and classically stylish electric radiator which will compliment any interior.  With a built-in 7-day programmer on each radiator, the user can finally set their heating requirements around their particular lifestyle rather than the other way round. Each radiator is fitted with its own intelligent thermostat (TRIAC)that allows control of temperature and mode selection. Each thermostat is equipped with a lockable option and an intelligent thermostat gauges the exact amount of power required and therefore, only draws the required power to maintain temperature.

The SOPHIA electric towel rail is the perfect solution to heating and towel warming in the bathroom or kitchen.  Again, a built-in 7-day LCD programmer allows for comfortable and flexible heating as and when the user needs it.  The SOPHIA comes in two sizes – 500w and 750w – and, unlike many of its competitors will effectively heat the room as well as dry and warm soggy electric towels rail.

NEEDO electric radiators are proving that beauty is far more than just skin deep.  These beautiful designer ranges with their revolutionary new technology the radiators heat up twice as fast as competitor’s systems and offer up to 30% energy savings when compared with storage heaters and regular electric panel heaters.

With the user having the power of total seven day programming control over the temperature and timing settings of each individual radiator or zone, and the benefit of being able to access both real time and historical energy consumption and running costs data, minimal running costs can be realistically achieved making the cost of heating your home with a NEEDO system easily comparable with a traditional wet system – but without the upheaval, installation and maintenance costs associated with wet systems.

The secret behind NEEDO’s superior energy efficient performance is an innovative two-phase heat transfer process that not only delivers a much more rapid rise in temperature, but also facilitates heat recovery of energy already produced thereby substantially lowering running costs.

This unique process is called the Advanced Condensing System (ACS).  Each radiator contains a small amount of eco-friendly, highly thermo-efficient fluid.  During operation this fluid evaporates at high speed immediately releasing its energy through the condensing process to the inside of the radiator’s case and the heat generated is completely and quickly transferred from the radiator to the environment.

At last, thanks to Intelli Heat, the design, energy efficiency and flexibility failings of electric central heating may well become a thing of the past.

needo electric heating

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