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In a property poorly insulated, single glazing, built before 1976, the power output requirement per m3 are 40/45w for Needo electric radiators and 35/45w for the Cali Eco Sense.

In a property well insulated, double glazing, with cavity walls, built after 1976, the power output requirement per m3 are 30/35w for Needo electric radiators and 35/40w for the Cali Eco Sense.

The heating calculations are based on the following CELSIUS degrees: Living areas at 21, Bathrooms at 22. Bedrooms, Kitchens, Hallways and Landings at 18.

For very large project we normally use this site

We can provide a free Quotation and Heat Plan based on the rooms sizes of the property, kindly provide a plan or just fill in our heating questionnaire.

High-quality product

IntelliHeat electric radiators are made with the highest quality components, from the body in die-cast 100% aluminium with elevated heat exchange efficiency to the high precision electronic adjustment of the room temperature.

Great attention has also been given to the smaller details, such as the careful selection of the heat transfer fluid, the quality and safety of the heating element with double insulation with control thermostat and safety thermal fuse.


IntelliHeat electric radiators have been designed with the aim of guaranteeing elevated room comfort with special attention to:

  • maintaining room temperature constant
  • optimising supplied power
  • limiting the surface temperature of the radiator
  • guaranteeing product safety

Maintaining room temperature at the programmed value with precise and immediate adjustment allows energy consumption to be optimised and heating expenses to be reduced.

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