Ultra Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

Cali Sense ensures a perfect combination of performance and economy. Because of its ultra-efficient technology, intuitive control abilities and its ergonomic design, the Cali Sense substantially lowers running costs thanks to its excellent energy performance rating.

Cali Sense

The Friendly Heating

Ecodesign Features you will love

Cali Sense Real Time Energy Consumption
  • 5 Operating modes: Auto, Comfort, Eco, Frost Protection, Standby
  • Intelligent accurate Ecodesign thermostat, within 0.1 of a degree
  • Real-time energy consumption indication
  • Open window detection, with adaptive start technology
  • Occupancy detection settings enable Self-learning Mode according to your lifestyle
  • Opti Power High Thermal Output
  • 7 day and daily multizone programming by the minute
  • Setting accurate temperature limit
  • Child lock, Rental housing PIN code lock
  • 3 pre-set programs, settings back up,
  • Fully “LOT 20” Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products Regulations Complying, with a 40% Energy Efficiency score rating

Since 1st January 2018, all Electric Space Heaters sold in the UK must meet a set of minimum efficiency standards, this means that at the very least all heaters will have to incorporate intelligent room temperature controls to minimise wasted energy. and Co2 Emissions.


The Cali Sense is fully compliant to the Eco Design legislation, and indeed exceed, all the requirements of ‘Lot 20’ with a 40% Energy Efficiency score rating.

Effectively the integration of Lot 20 technological eco-features provides our customers with an average of up to 30% saving on energy consumption as compared to storage heater, panel heater or none intelligent control electric heating systems.

  • Italian Design, Made in France
    Italian Design – Made in France
  • 10 Year Warranty
    *10 years warranty
  • Maintenance Free
    Maintenance free
  • Comfort Surface Temperature
    Comfort surface temperature
  • TPI Technology
    TPI technology
  • Low Energy Consumption
    Low energy consumption
  • EcoSense Technology
    EcoSense® Technology
  • Patented Wall Mounting Brackets
    Patented wall mounting brackets
  • Help for the visually and hearing impaired
    Help for the visually and hearing impaired
  • Child Lock
    Child lock
  • Presence Detection
    Presence detection
  • Open Window Detection
    Open window detection

Cali Sense Specifications

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i-Sense Wi-Fi Smart Electric Radiators

“Wi-Fi connected Smart Heaters ready for the Internet Of Things”

Fully compliant with ‘Lot 20’ Ecodesign Directive.


The I-Sense Wi-Fi range is the culmination of IntelliHeat’s long-term strategy to integrate the electric heating system with the IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity revolution, delivering a truly smart electric radiator for both homes and offices.

Your wi-fi Electric Heaters at your fingertips. Access each room or radiator from anywhere, at any time via the My-sense Free App on your phone. Easily check and adapt temperatures to your needs.

As the first truly “smart” Wi-Fi electric radiator on the UK market, the I-Sense works with the user to optimise their heating schedule by suggesting energy efficient modifications to the room specific programs tailored according to when the areas are detected to be in occupation.

The I-Sense range is Wi-Fi connected using the MY-SENSE cloud-based smartphone Free App. By combining built-in Wi-Fi, Motion sensors, Self-learning programming, open window detection, geolocation and a smart thermostat accurate to within 0.1°, the new I-Sense range will propel your electric heating system into the digital age.

As with all other IntelliHeat products the I-Sense range is fully accredited to both British Standards and NF *** B rated energy Performance, it also complies to all relevant legislative requirements such as Building Regulations Part L1 and L2, and Fully “LOT 20” Eco-design* Complying with a 41% Energy Efficiency score rating. *Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products Regulations 2018.

I-Sense Brochure

Novo Radiant Panel Heater

Fully compliant with “Lot 20” Eco-design Directive.

Novo Radiant Panel Heater


Novo Radiant Panel Heater

With a unique, innovative style, soft lines and rounded corners, NOVO fits perfectly in all styles of home or commercial premises.

The Vertical version is sure to inspire your creativity. The radiant heat uniformly emitted makes not just an efficient radiant heater, but also a furnishing feature. Classically stylish ergonomic design to suit any interior NOVO ensures a perfect combination of performance and economy with evenly diffused warmth providing maximum comfort.

High emission surface diffuser distributes heat throughout the room and preserves the quality of the air giving a nice warm feeling. The intuitive controls with their white backlit display makes the programme easy to set and the temperature is easy to read. Featuring the latest technology, NOVO is recommended for both private and rented accommodation.

Radiant heat, compact and thin for efficient use of space. Innovative features and advanced technologies, make the novo the perfect choice for any environment

Novo Brochure