Advanced Electric Central Heating solutions.

No Gas? No problem!

With over 18 years’ experience, IntelliHeat can confidently provide you with the perfect Electric Central Heating system for your property.

Smart Electric Central Heating. A smarter way to control your heating.

Our modern and energy efficient electric radiators with built-in WiFi provide you with complete control and monitoring via the free MySense app.

App to control electric central heating

The right product for every client.

With a wide range of advanced Electric Central Heating products, we are confident of delivering exactly what you need to suit your budget, tastes and property type.

IntelliHeat takes great pride in providing superbly built, aesthetically pleasing, technologically advanced wifi electric radiators, total wireless control of your electric heating system from anywhere at any time.

Philosophy and approach.

We believe in providing the right product to the right client, this is the reason for the development of our core ranges, Cali Sense, iSense, Creative Radiators, and Balneum Ecodesign, which each suit a different client profile whilst always remaining true to the cornerstones of our philosophy:

Our Accreditations
& Certifications:

Our products are truly unique in the UK market, manufactured and tested to the highest standards.

Every electric radiator from our range is designed and built to deliver efficiency, control, comfort and elegance to its user.

Fully accredited to new UKCA mark, CE Certification*, British Standards, European Standard (EN), NF *** rated energy performance accreditation.

Our radiators comply with the legislative requirements Building Regulations Part L1 and L2 (Energy efficiency requirements in the Building Reg), and the new Eco-Design “Lot 20” Directive 2018 for Energy-related Products (ErP) 

Our emphasis is on energy efficiency and environmental issues, and being far removed from inflexible outdated storage heater and inefficient analogue heaters. IntelliHeat developed, built and patented an efficient electric radiator that could be monitored and controlled independently in 2002.

We continue to be at the cutting edge of pioneering wifi electric heating systems to this day, designing and developing new efficient products to help save money, manage homes more efficiently and contribute to reducing emissions by reducing consumption.

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