Electric Towel Radiators

Our Eco-design Electric Towel Rails are designed by top designers in Italy and manufactured there too to create a beautifully finished product. Eco-Design Towel rails with integrated thermostatic controls, programmer. LOT 20 compliant, environmentally friendly features make our electric towel rails one of the most energy efficient towel heater available in Uk.

Electric Towel Radiators

Sophia Designer Towel Rail

The Sophia Designer Electric Towel radiator is available in either 500W or 750W, specifically designed to maximise heat distribution within your bathroom whilst providing an ideal solution to deliver dry and warm towels, keeping you cosy when you need it the most! For a heated towel radiator, each size respectively gives out a very high BTU output compared to other electric towel rails of the same dimensions. 5 Year Warranty.

Sophia Electric Towel Radiator

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Balneum Eco-Design Electric Towel Rail

Equipped with a back-lit LCD thermostat, the Balneum Towel Rail provides the same levels of control, efficiency, and comfort as all other IntelliHeat Ecodesign compliant products. Accurate to within 0.1 degrees, you can be sure your bathroom, or kitchen, will be heated consistently and comfortably, never too cold, or indeed too hot! Available in White or Grey 500w, 750w. Robust Steel body with a 5 Year Warranty. Full Ecodesign Lot 20 compliant, Boost featureReal-Time Energy consumption in kWh or £. Child anti-tamper, keypad lock7 day and daily program integrated, Open window detection, Class II, IP44.

Balneum Electric Towel Rail

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Needo Designer Towel Rails

Towel rails that swivel on the central axis and improve the drying capacity. The handmade Designer Towel Rails Needo are extremely efficient electric radiators with the added benefit of a designer shape and style to enable you to dry towels on it at the same time. Needo Heated designer towel rails are popular for bathrooms, traditional wetroom, and kitchens. Available in 500w, 750 w. and 1000w.

Needo Towel Rails Brochure

Type A

Needo Type A Electric Towel Radiator

Type B

Needo Type B Electric Towel Radiator

Type C

Needo Type C Electric Towel Radiator