For the Electric central Heating Zebra Homes chose the Cali Sense a spectacular Smart Electric Radiator

Throughout the development of Zebra Homes environmental sustainability has been a major driver in the direction of the company, which is why we have chosen to use Intelliheat and other companies that share the same philosophy

For the electric central heating, we chose the Cali Sense a spectacular Smart Electric Radiator, offering an ultra-efficient Radiator complying with eco-design Lot 20 Energy Efficiency Directive.

Zebra Homes offers an affordable modular home solution to the chronic housing shortage. Zebra homes are erected onto a beam foundation system and are built with a fully insulated floor, wall and roof panels. These are manufactured off-site with millimetre precision making erecting on-site quick and easy.

Zebra homes have an aim to create disruption in the housing market with turnkey houses that can be built in a matter of weeks.

We have used some of the most advanced technologies on the market. Our heating system has been provided from Intelliheat, who has designed one of the most advanced electric heating systems on the market with low running costs and smartphone capabilities we see this as being the way forward to heat homes.

Zebra Homes finish their homes in a variety of finishes from PVC or Composite cladding, brick slips and render or a combination. Other finishes include a variety of different coloured recycled composite roof tiles and UPVC windows and doors.

The Electric Radiators ware easy to install, just 4 screws, 2 brackets, Install in 30 minutes, couldn’t believe how quickly these Smart radiators heat up, and with the presence and window Detection on tenants are using a lot less energy than inefficient storage heating, unoccupied programmed rooms will automatically reduce their temperature to save energy and Money, we would certainly buy from Intelli Heat again.

Zebra Homes have developed the product to be versatile so that it can be used to build annexe’s in peoples gardens,  starter homes at affordable prices.

Zebra Homes, Chelmsford.