With this recent cold snap, residents are turning to electric heating units to help stay warm

With this recent cold snap, residents are turning to electric heating units to help stay warm or supplement their primary heating source.

The colder it is outside, the more energy it takes to keep it warm inside, so in this extended cold spell, we would anticipate an increase in electric usage for customers who heat with electric heating.

That’s a good idea, but these sources of heat that so many might call their saviour as the temperatures dip down to zero and below can also be a nightmare if you’re not careful. With temperatures dropping to single digits across the UK, electric heating systems will run longer and work harder to maintain warmth inside homes.

If the outside temperature is 12 degrees, electric heating systems might only need to run a few minutes each hour to maintain the inside temperature, however, when the temperature drops to near zero and below, the electric heating system runs more often and longer to maintain the temperature.

Here are some safety tips for those choosing electric heating sources.

IntelliHeat electric radiators are made with the highest quality components, from the body in die-cast 100%  aluminium with elevated heat exchange efficiency to the high precision electronic adjustment of the room temperature. Great attention has also been given to the smaller details, such as the careful selection of the heat transfer fluid, the quality and safety of the heating element with double insulation with control thermostat and safety thermal fuse.

IntelliHeat electric radiators have been designed with the aim of guaranteeing elevated room comfort with special attention to:

  • maintaining room temperature constant
  • optimising supplied power
  • limiting the surface temperature of the electric radiator
  • guaranteeing product safety

Maintaining room temperature at the programmed value with precise and immediate adjustment allows energy consumption to be optimised and heating expenses to be reduced.

With an electric heater, people should make sure not to plug it in with other appliances and have it checked by a professional electrician to make sure there aren’t any faults or other possible issues.

Try not to use extension cords, the build-up of several plugged in appliances on extension leads is a leading cause of fires during the winter, and when plugging an electric heater into a wall socket outlet the unit itself should be at least three feet away from any combustible objects such as a couch, blanket or wall.

Don’t set the electric heater two feet in front of you while you’re sitting on the couch. You could fall asleep and the heater could cause the couch to catch fire, Also it’s best not to run the cord under a carpet, because if the cord is covered it can overheat.

Also, air leaks, lack of insulation and undersized electric heating wattage output are three major areas in a home that contribute to wasted electricity, you should consider addressing these three areas to help lower your energy usage.

An Intelli Heat energy specialist will conduct a walk-through with you and give you an energy efficiency check-up at no cost