Cali Sense Eco design features and performance compared to storage heaters.

Ecodesign electric radiators performance compared to storage heaters explained.

Electric Radiators Lot 20 compliant installation

Electric Radiators eco-design certifications and energy performance.

Most electric radiators on the market in the UK have a basic CE, the Cali Sense is NF Performance *** + fully compliant with the new UK EcoDesign 2018 lot 20 directive, and accredited to NF Energy Performance Cat C Certification. This is indisputably one of the most stringent quality control certifications in the world and is indisputable evidence of the superior quality and Energy Efficiency of our smart radiator compared to all other competitor systems available online.

NF certification, Mark of compliance, covering aspects such as safety, quality, usage ability and electric heater Energy performance.  Is based on tangible elements: certification rules that are defined with consumers and businesses, tests, manufacturing plant inspections, customer satisfaction surveys, mystery shoppers, and so on. Even after obtaining NF certification, the product, and its manufacturing sites are continuously audited to ensure a consistent level of quality is maintained throughout the production process, offering consumers the guarantee of a rigorously tested quality control procedure.

This means that the Cali Sense has been tested by VERITAS + LCIE  an independent body on safety but also in performance and energy efficiency. So, unlike other companies selling products online that just talk, we prove our performance by independent lab testing.

Theirs is mainly a self-declaration, in most cases, there is no mention to an independent lab test of their products.  To obtain an NF 3*** oeil certification there are quite a lot of different tests a product needs to pass.

The following Ecodesign radiators performance are only to name a few:


NF performance *** testing includes a few endurance tests that demonstrate the quality of the product over time like an ageing test of resistance is performed

Quality of Temperature control

Characterised by the drift in load and temperature amplitude compliance with the requirements of the LCIE NF Performance specifications require that the electric heater is regulated by a so-called PID regulation: Proportional Integral Derivative.

In the case of the Cali Sense electric radiator, this regulation has been the subject of a very fine adjustment in a bi-climatic chamber specific to the product and adapted to each power. As a result, the Cali Sense benefits from a performance in regulation 2 to 3 times better than the current most demanding standard.

Dynamic Efficiency technology

Some online resellers claim their radiators can achieve, have an accuracy of +-0,2°C.  This is obtained by amplitude. So, this for Intelli Heat represents an amplitude of 0.4K, therefore, our Cali Sense is 4 times better.


The Cali Sense is equipped with the V27 technology and without any prior adjustment, the radiator is in a learning mode to understand and memorize the behaviour of the occupant: periods of absence, presence. The initial learning phase is 7 days minimum but this learning is perpetual, it repeats week after week to understand and optimize.

Cali Sense | quality electric radiators Eco design Features and energy performance picture



Ecodesign electric radiators compared to storage heaters

Ecodesign features that comply with Energy Related Products Regulations (ERP) :

  1. Real-Time Energy Consumption Indication in watts built into each radiator giving users total control over their consumption from a real-time knowledge of energy used in each room, by each radiator. 
  2. Open Window Detection with Adaptive Start Technology, that switches the radiator OFF when an open door or open window is detected, (using a heat degree vs speed reduction algorithm), preventing wasted energy.
  3. Occupancy Detection movement sensor that switches off automatically in an empty room, and switches back on again when movement is detected. Occupancy Detection will generate a Self-learning programming mode,
  4. State of the art digital electronic thermostat accurate to +/ – 0.1˚ C. Weekly Timer Control, programmable to the minute.
The INTELLI HEAT Ecodesign thermostat, comply with Energy Related Products Regulations

Storage Heaters

Storage heaters are a technology of the early 60s, spawning out of the need for energy companies to capitalise on wasted night-time energy. Use cheaper night-time electricity tariffs 8p a KW If you spend most of your days indoors and need a constant very low level of heat, storage heaters may be best suited to your lifestyle. However, if you’re out at work during the day and usually only need heat in the morning and evenings, electric radiators may be for you.


  1. Poor energy-efficiency – heater loses heat as soon as it is stored, warming the house overnight unnecessarily
  2. Very heavy and bulky, source of dust
  3. Lack of control, analogue dial, heating must be set a days in advance,
  4. Leaves you cold when temperature drops early afternoon.
  5. Will use expensive day time rates, called Boost (double power) during the day cost £0.45 a KW
  6. cause dark smoky stains on walls.

Modern electric radiators and heaters come with additional features specifically designed to integrate into your daily routine, if you crave electric heater control beyond a basic ‘input’ and ‘output’ turn dial, then today is the time to ditch the 60s technology and embrace the modern age.

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