Wi-fi Controlled Electric Radiators in Hotels – Testimonial case Study

Replacing old, inefficient Storage Heaters in Hotels with Wifi Controlled Electric Radiators.
Testimonial case Study, from start to finish, Intelli Heat provided excellent service and advice.

The Wentworth Hotel, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, is a Country House hotel Overlooking the Sea.
The hotel has been owned and managed by the Pritt family since 1920. The current owner, Michael Pritt, who is the third generation, has been running the hotel since 1975, taking over the reins from his father, Lyn Pritt.
Michael has overseen many changes to the hotel whilst taking great care to preserve the character and essential feel of the hotel, which many guests describe as home from home.

Each year the hotel undergoes a programme of refurbishment to ensure that current design and innovation is introduced to the hotel and at the same time maintaining the traditional aspects of the hotel which are so valued by guests. One problem has always been how to heat the bedrooms in an energy efficient way whilst ensuring that guests are warm and comfortable but Michael makes sure standards never drop.

It can be seen that energy end uses after implementation of the LED project place electric heating as the largest category; together with air conditioning and ventilation, this makes overall HVAC consumption worth 40% of future energy costs. To achieve this Intelli Heat was asked to provide an all-electric heating solution. The proposal was for intelligent wi-fi electric radiators which could be remotely controlled from the Reception office or any mobile device to ensure that bedrooms are warm (21.5 degrees ) for arriving guests, but which could also be programmed to switch the smart radiators to economy background (14.5 degrees ) mode when the room was not occupied.  With the new Intelli Heat My-Sense App, you can control your heating remotely using your smartphone, laptop or tablet, an online Intelligent Electric Heating Control for 1,000 Rooms.

The i-Sense includes temperature and occupancy sensors as well as a current sensor that can provide energy consumption and asset status information. Large amounts of data can be collected and made available through My Sense App platform for analytics purposes and also enable further deployments such as data driven maintenance.

Choose your heating priority for self-learning mode to adjust to your lifestyle, or unable the Smart ambient temperature sensor adjustment with automatic compensation, the app will send warning alerts of an event directly delivered to your mobile device for prompt intervention.

So far 28 rooms have been equipped with Intelli Heat radiators, providing the bedrooms with efficient and economical heating, and a warm welcome for our guests who can control the level of heat they require during their stay. Naturally, guests expect the same comfort levels they would enjoy at home and Intelli Heat, with its intelligent radiators, are helping the Wentworth Hotel to achieve this. Intelli Heat Electric Radiator self-learns your routine to create a personal heating schedule, plus is Wi-Fi controllable using the Smartphone App.

As we all have experienced at some time or other, anything involving computer technology and Wi-Fi is never as straight forward as you hope it will be and the Wentworth hotel is very grateful to the very personal before and after sales customer support service received on site by the Intelli Heat Management to assist with the delivery, commissioning set up and programming of their heaters. Over the coming weeks, Michael witnessed the flexibility and energy efficiency of the system first had.

The Wentworth hotel have always believed in traditional values, while offering guests comfortable, stylish surroundings and personal service. Enjoy the sea views from the beautiful terrace and gardens, relax in the spacious lounge areas and look forward to fresh, locally sourced fresh food.

The old inefficient storage heaters were taken out by the maintenance team and replaced with the new i-Sense heaters, Micheal makes sure standards never drop at the Wentworth Hotel.

INTELLI HEAT offers an extremely versatile bespoke range of heating solutions, allowing building consultants, architects, designers and individuals alike to be as specific as they want when specifying our products.

I sense eco-design - wifi electric radiators installation HOTEL
I sense eco-design – wifi electric radiators installation HOTEL