Italian Designer Radiators bring functional art to your interiors.

Functional Art is not a new concept, but it has been adopted by the Creative Radiators’ designers in their latest creations. Functional Art is a blend of fine art and utilitarian purpose used in the design of an everyday article, that will provide an artistic feeling in our daily lives.

Italian design can be utilized in household items to make them more pleasing to the eye and the subconscious, while at the same time, being manufactured with skill and the latest technology to meet current standards with little or no ongoing maintenance. You will find it where you least expect it, and in essential items such as radiators, it is a welcome discovery.

In the same way that Fine art pieces can deliver emotive and intellectual feelings of peace and comfort; so will our designer radiators create the same emotions by delivering warmth wrapped in something that is beautiful and desirable. Every single radiator made by Creative Radiators is designed in this concept, where beauty and function are joined in an aesthetic design that will resonate with the end user and their concept of desire and beauty.

Historically, functional art is the opposite of a factory-made product, where there is no possibility of choice. With our Italian Art Radiators, utilitarian items are transformed into creative colours and shapes that appeal to the artistic ideals of the user. That’s why the choice of size, shape, colour, and texture is so important when you choose a Creative Radiator.

There are many examples of functional art objects that are appreciated for their beauty just as much as their use. Our Italian Designer radiators can be used by any Hotel or Penthouse complex, to have a different design for each room, creating a sense of real exclusivity for the occupants, or add a glamorous look to your home or office.

We make decisions about function and art every day when we buying new clothes. Our fashion choices tell others about your character and personality, as well as delivering more understated messages about your age and affluence. Using our Italian designer radiators will certainly reflect your image and make a statement about your lifestyle.

Choosing a Creative Radiator gives you a level of quality that does not appear in mass-produced, cheap as chips heaters. Italian design is a true marriage of function and art with professional collaboration between a designer, and an electrical engineer and when you choose one of our products, you become an important part of this.

Now you can have exactly what you want, and the freedom to express your personality is all included, and the only limit is your own imagination.

Creative Radiators italian designer radiators
Creative Radiators italian designer radiators

Designer radiators Standard and Accreditation:

All Creative Radiators have been fully tested, accredited according to:
– European Standard, Eco-Design “Lot 20” Accreditation Directive 2018,
– BS Efficiency Standards, Building Regs Part L1A, and L2
– EN 60335 – 1  (including the Acoustic and Visual signal for impaired)
– EN60335-1 “Household and similar electric appliances – Safety General Requirements”
– EN60335-2-30 “Particular requirements for room heaters”
– EN 60335-2-43: “Particular requirements for clothes dryers and towel rails”
– EN60675: “Household electric direct-acting room heaters: Methods for measuring performance”

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