Is Greta Thunberg correct about Uk Co2 emissions? 

UK Politicians are being forced to find out if Greta Thunberg is right about UK CO2 emissions only falling by 10% since 1980 and not by 42% as the Government claim.

Global warming.

There is no doubt that most of the carbon emissions that contribute to global warming are from burning fossil fuels and this impacts every business and every homeowner who use gas-guzzling fossil fuel boilers to heat their homes and offices, hotels, hospitals, shops and factories. 

The carbon footprint of the gas heating industry is massive, and we all know that the Government understands this from their warnings that fossil fuels WILL eventually be banned, and all heating systems should use sustainable and renewable green energy, although no firm date has been agreed for this. 

On 1st July last year, 2018, the country of Costa Rica announced they are banning fossil-based fuels altogether, making them the very first country in the world to decarbonize totally. Monica Araya, the Costa Rican economist says: Costa Rica already derives 99% of its energy from renewable sources. So, what is stopping the UK from doing the same? 

Heating from Sustainable, renewable, green energy.

There are many options for heating systems using sustainable carbon-free energy and most of Europe is already using electric heating and not old-fashioned gas boilers. IntelliHeat have lots of choices of electric heating using a thermodynamic fluid that heats a cast aluminium radiator and delivers efficient radiant heat instead of the inefficient convection heat systems. All these radiators can be run from your rooftop solar panels, reducing your dependence on the National Grid electricity system. 

Intelli Heat brand Creative Radiators have radiators that are made from 100% recycled marble dust and the manufacturing process itself is also completely carbon-free. All these radiators comply with Eco-Design ‘LOT 20’ Regulations and have SMART programmers built in, that will tell YOU how to save energy, switching off when sensors detect no movement in the room, and reverting to a comforting level of heat when you arrive home and motion is detected. 

Greta Thunberg is totally right in her campaign to lower greenhouse gasses, reduce carbon emissions and use sustainable green energy in the UK. Here at IntelliHeat we have been doing this for over 17 years, and with the help of Greta Thunberg, we hope that the UK Government and residents will get behind this young girl and support her campaign. 

Every year, each of us in the UK is responsible (in Average) for about 14 tonnes of Co2 gas emissions. So, if we want to make a genuine cut of 10% across the board, we need to reduce our emissions by about 1.4 tonnes each. Lowering comfort set points by just 1°C can potentially reduce your annual heating bill by up to 10%, to reduce the temperature on the thermostat down to the minimum comfort level.

Our wi-fi free App MY SENSE through the linking of your i-Sense electric radiators can be used to help reduce your energy consumption and Co2 emission, from anywhere in the world with internet access or 3G, using your smartphone, pc or tablet. 

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For more information about the IntelliHeat range of sustainable green energy heating systems, just call our technical Help-Line on 0203 916 0000