Wi-fi Smart Heaters Case Study: Holiday Home in Cornwall.

Wi-fi Smart Heaters Case Study.

The customer lives in London and owns a holiday home in Cornwall, so being able to control every WiFi Electric Radiator from just one FREE App on her mobile phone and computer, is essential.

The apartment did have underfloor heating, which was costly, inefficient and couldn’t be turned on remotely before the guest’s arrival. The energy was wasted from guests leaving the heating on when they departed. 

The old underfloor heating controls were removed, and the fuse spurs were re-used to power the new IntelliHeat iSense wi-fi-smart-heaters, so no additional wiring was needed. There is now a new ecodesign compliant radiator in every room and the towel radiator in the bathroom was connected to a flex outlet plate and wired into the fuse spur outside the bathroom. All this was in full compliance with the current 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.

Just four holes were drilled in the wall to mount each radiator and the job was done. No special tools needed, just a drill, rawl plugs, and a screwdriver. A special locking bracket stops them from being removed and stolen by guests… 

The final task was to program each radiator and connect it to the MYSENSE Cloud-based dashboard and control panel using the existing broadband Wi-Fi in the apartment. The whole apartment or zone energy use can now be controlled and monitored by the owner living in London, using the MySense App, while any guests can also control their own comfort temperatures during their stay. It’s a perfect and brilliant system! 

Managing the heating controls for large buildings such as Hotels, B&B, is currently a manual task advising occupants to turn down the heating at the end of each day, not to leave windows open, and encouraging them to save energy. The problem with this is that the occupants are not concerned about the heating bill that you management need to pay.

MYSense App features for wifi electric radiators
MYSense App features for wifi electric radiators

The MY-SENSE App key advantages are:

  • The Heating will be operational only when necessary and that the optimum comfort conditions are achieved when the spaces are occupied.  Set the date and time (by the minute) to remotely manage your electric heating schedule.

  • Ability to program up to 1000 electric radiators, 100 Zones.

  • Facility to turn on or off the electric radiators and adjust the current temperature mode to your preference

  • Ability to set the exact temperature level (+/- 0.1 degrees) for comfort and economy mode in different rooms.

  • Having a choice of heating priority for self-learning mode to adjust to your lifestyle.

  • Smart ambient temperature sensor adjustment with automatic compensation.

  • Warning alerts of an event directly delivered to your mobile device for prompt intervention.

  • Provision of detailed energy consumption reporting, analyze to achieve performance optimization.

I sense eco-design smart electric radiators installation

The Customer said: “I love the Cloud-based control system. Now the heating can’t be left on for a week when guests leave & I can turn everything on before new guests arrive, and follow the energy consumptions. This will reduce wasted energy and save me money paying someone to visit the property to check if the heating was left on.”  

Installed by KERNOW Electric Heating, a family business based in Carharrack, Cornwall.

Matt Sanders of Kernow Heating provides a free site survey to ensure the radiators used are compatible with the room you want to heat.  During their visit, we will ensure that there is an appropriate electrical supply where the radiators are to be installed otherwise they can discuss this prerequisite with you. 

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