smart electric radiators ready for the Internet of Things.

iSense Delivering truly smart electric radiators for both home and office, the iSense WiFi Radiator is the culmination of IntelliHeat’s long-term strategy to integrate the electric heating system with the ‘Internet of Things’ connectivity revolution.

Smart Electric Radiators at your command.

Total control of your heating, anytime, anywhere.

As the first truly smart Wi-Fi electric radiator on the UK market, the iSense works with the user to optimise their heating schedule by suggesting energy efficient modifications to the room specific programs tailored according to when the areas, zones are detected to be in occupation.

The iSense range is WiFi connected via your wireless router using the free MySense cloud-based Smartphone app. By combining built-in WiFi, motion sensors, self-learning programming, open window detection, geolocation and a smart thermostat accurate to within 0.1°, the iSense range will propel your electric heating system into the digital age.

As with all other IntelliHeat products, the iSense range is a Premium Aluminium Electric Radiator, fully accredited to both British Standards and NF *** B rated Energy Performance, it also complies to UKCA Mark, all relevant legislative requirements such as Building Regulations Part L1 and L2, and fully LOT 20 Ecodesign compliant*.

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* iSense is fully compliant with, and indeed exceeds, all the requirements of LOT 20 Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products Regulations 2018, with a 41% Energy Efficiency score rating.

Up to 30% energy saving.*

Effectively, the integration of Lot 20 technological eco-features provides our customers with an average of up to 30% saving on energy consumption as compared to storage heater, panel heater or none intelligent control electric heating systems.

10-Years Aluminium Body Warranty

2-Years Electronics Warranty

Maintenance Free

Low Energy Consumption

Child / Rental PIN Lock

Open Window Detection

Help for the Visually and Hearing Impaired

ISense Smart Electric Radiators Gallery

iSense WiFi Smart electric radiators digital touchscreen thermostat

Fully controllable revolutionary LCD touchscreen thermostat programmer

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Open window detection sensor

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Real-time energy consumption monitoring

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Built-in WiFi with intuitive and easy-to-use app-based data analysis software

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Auto-programming with self-learning process

7 pre-set and customisable programming options

Auto | Boost | Comfort | Frost Protection | Holiday modes

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Weekly Timer Control, programmable to the minute

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Presence detection with wide range motion sensor

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I-SEN0750 750 576 577 80 13.6 £520
I-SEN1000 1000 576 658 80 15.5 £550
I-SEN1250 1250 576 820 80 19.1 £585
I-SEN1500 1500 576 901 80 21.1 £630
I-SEN2000 2000 576 1143 80 26.5 £655
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iSense Product Package Label

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