Lot 20 Compliant Electric Radiators and Smart Thermostats.

EcoDesign Legislation 2018 – Requirements and Intelli Heat Compliance

All the latest IntelliHeat radiator systems are fully compliant with Lot 20 of the New E.N. ECO DESIGN Legislation for Energy-Related Products compliance.

Lot 20 it’s a piece of the Ecodesign legislation that’s been flying under the radar of interest for most of the uk population, outside of anyone directly involved with the electric heating industry. To get a better understanding of what Lot 20 is, you first need to understand the main directive it comes from: the European Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC).

To comply with the new Lot 20 regulations, all local space heaters will have to meet a minimum 36% energy efficiency rating expressed as a percentage. This differs between specific heater categories, however, most electric heaters will begin with a base rating of 30%.

Lot20 Ecodesign Compliant electric radiators

To be LOT 20 compliant, heaters must include amongst other things, three key features:

  • 24/7 time and temperature control, either built-in or through wireless/WIFI APP.
  • Electronic thermostatic control for accurate room temperature measurement.
  • Open window/door recognition so the heater can reduce usage should the user leave a door or window open reducing the room temperature rapidly.
  • IntelliHeat products have further incorporated a Triac energy regulator within the smart thermostat system, which allows the heater to choose the time it engages to bring the room up to the required temperature set by the user therefore further reducing energy wastage.

Lot 20 Compliant electric Radiators thermostat

IntelliHeat Smart Thermostat

All IntelliHeat systems are equipped with a dual-thermostats temperature measuring system. This means that the heaters measure both the room and the radiator temperature on a continual basis, and as explained in regard to the TRIAC algorithm functionality, the radiators are therefore able to draw the exact energy load required to generate and release the exact heat load needed for the room in question to meet the assigned temperature.

TRIAC Energy regulator

When operational, the radiator will draw full power until the required temperature (set on the thermostat) is achieved. This is normally within 15 minutes. At this point, the radiator will cease drawing power. The Thermo-Dynamic fluid will have rapidly expanded, and the radiator will now have 100% hot point effect.

Due to the element’s slow release of power and the fluid’s heat retention qualities, the radiator will continue emitting heat.

Subsequently, by being able to detect the room temperature to within 0.1° and also detect the exact radiator temperature, the TRIAC energy regulator is able to draw on a unique algorithm to forecast the exact energy draw requirement to generate the correct amount of heat within the room. This ensures both a stable and comfortable heating experience for the user, and the most efficient power consumption pattern, as the unique accuracy of the IntelliHeat thermostats which are accurate to within 0.1° prevents the wide variations in room temperature.

Other electric systems which estimate room temperature to within 2° which means a target of 21° will be oscillating between 19° and 23°.

Of course, this is a vast improvement on most storage heater systems where there is virtually no temperature control as the energy charge taken on overnight is simply released back in to the room over the subsequent non charge period, giving a high-temperature first thing int he morning when the system is fully charged, and virtually no heat at all by evening time when the charge is spent.

The TRIAC system, as demonstrated through the BISRIA tests completed with the first generation Kalirel systems ensures that, when a 1000w radiator is installed in a room that has been calculated to require a heat load of 1000w, if switched on for 8 hours to maintain a room temperature of 21 degrees, it will only use approx. 3 hours of electricity as it will only be drawing a small amount of energy on a regular basis to maintain the room’s temperature, rather than allowing the temperature to drop and then to come back on at full power to push the temperature back up over the mark.



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