Wifi Electric Radiators Energy Efficiency worth shouting about

Current UK fuel poverty levels demonstrate that heating our homes can be prohibitively expensive. As ultra-efficient technology has continuously squeezed every watt of saving possible from our lighting, our kitchen appliances, our entertainment and IT systems and even our vacuum cleaners! Many of us have somehow missed out on the real key to energy saving in our homes and offices!

It is this very key that our Norfolk based SME called “IntelliHeat UK” have been working to mould over the last decade! Developing ever more efficient wifi electric heating systems, with every generation of their patented Cali systems adding ever more efficiency and control features from their previous incarnations which now combine to deliver a system that is cheap to install, comfortable to use, and most importantly extremely efficient to purchase and to run!

Now we all know that every manufacturer and supplier of heating systems in the UK will claim their systems to be the latest in energy efficiency, and will save you £££!!! So what exactly is it that truly separates IntelliHeat from the rest of the market? How can they actually substantiate their claims to reduced energy usage where many of their competitors cannot?

Why WiFi Electric Radiators?

Quite simply IntelliHeat were so confident in their own systems, that they decided to provide built-in energy metering within all their MYSENSE wireless APP control systems!

This way users can clearly see exactly how much each electric radiator, each zone, or the electric heating system as a whole, has used over any given period or is using in real-time!

This way the user knows exactly how much their heating has, and is, costing them. By observing the savings they make through the use of an IntelliHeat system, the users are empowered to continue making further savings by adapting their heating behaviours, and measuring the effects of these changes through their systems built-in energy meter!

This has now been taken a step further with the launch of Intelliheat’s latest generation wifi electric radiator, the I-Sense!

The I-Sense comes with a host of patented efficiency features including open window and presence detection, the Triac energy regulator, the IntelliHeat advanced class II heating elements, high-grade aluminium body, and thermodynamic fluid. But most importantly is the precision enabled smart thermostat with LCD touchscreen display, this enables each radiator to display both current and historic consumption directly to the user from the radiators thermostat LCD control panel!

Isense wifi smart electric radiators by intelli heat

Are wifi electric radiators energy-efficient?

The new I-Sense range is one of the first truly “Smart” Wifi electric radiator on the UK market, combining all IntellIheat’s advances in electric radiator design and control from the last decade, the I-Sense radiator, which features built-in Wi-Fi, now works with the user to prompt programming modifications by combining presence detection, temperature calculation, local weather information, and the users 7 pre-set programmes to enable a collaborative relationship with the users through the App-based MySense control system.

i-Sense wifi Smart Electric Radiators with built in ecodesign controls.

All these Eco-design features and benefits become even more amazing when you realise that to purchase and install a typical IntelliHeat electric heating system, with full app based energy metering and remote programming and control technology, a 3 bedroom house with 5 radiators and a towel rail would cost between £2,500 and £3,000 depending on choice of ranges and property U-values.

That means that for just the cost to purchase and install a good quality boiler, a property owner could instead purchase and install an entire smart electric radiator system ready to integrate the 21st centuries IoT revolution, and designed entirely to deliver ongoing and in-depth energy efficiency throughout its lifecycle!

UK to keep Climate Control and Boost Growth in the Global Smart Electric Heaters Market During 2018-2025

Utilization of smart technology has grown, starting from smartphones to smart heaters. The emerging requirement for productive smart home appliances, makers of smart heaters has begun creating effective smart heaters that offer superiority heating applications in addition to energy savings.

In addition, growing per capita income empowers customers to put resources into smart devices, for this situation, smart heaters. Smart heaters could be handled and supervised employing smartphones or even smart assistants, for instance, thermostats.

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