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Are Electric Radiators Energy Efficient?  

Intelli Heat technology is tailored to two industries: Wifi connected electric Radiators and Bespoke designer radiators. Here below we list some of the common questions we get asked about the efficiency of electric central heating, our products and services.

Need to replace your old-fashioned storage heaters, gas, oil boilers?

  • Are electric radiators energy efficient?
  • Problems with your existing heating?
  • Thinking about upgrading your heating?
  • Electric radiators vs central heating
  • Are electric radiators cheaper than gas boilers ?
  • Can you run a heating system from solar panels?
  • Why replace Storage Heaters
  • Want to know more about heating that’s better for the planet?

Modern electric radiators are one of the most efficient sources of heat that can be used in our homes or offices. Get more information on our Electric Radiators energy efficiency and answers to your questions reading the articles below (click on the topic):

Cali Sense - energy efficient electric radiator

Are Ecodesign compliant Electric Radiators Energy Efficient? Effectively the integration of these "Lot 20" technological features provides our customers with an average up to 30% saving on energy consumption as compared to old storage heater, panel heater or none intelligent control heating. Also for households with the technology to generate their own electricity with solar PV or wind power, an electric heating system is by far the most sustainable solution.