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  • WiFi
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Imagine advanced technological features, the Italian aesthetics and the specific heating requirements of rooms individually programmed for each wall mounted designer electric radiator. Effortlessly providing the exact room temperatures when required. The ability to further reduce your energy bill is built into every IntelliHeat smart electric radiator.

LCD Thermostats – Built-In programmer – Cali Sense

All our smart radiators come with a built-in 7 day LCD thermostat programmer. The Calis’ back-lit thermostat enables scheduled times and temperatures to be set hourly for each day,with a different hourly program for each day. Our thermostats are accurate to within 0.1° to ensure the temperature you set is the one you enjoy. Unlike most gas, oil or alternative old electric heating systems, each IntelliHeat radiator comes with a built-in LCD thermostat programmer accurate to within 0.1°, this enables them to be individually programmed to follow an exact hourly, daily and weekly heating regime. This in-depth programmability gives users full control over when and where to draw heat, ensuring full comfort and maximum efficiency throughout the property.

Electric Radiator Thermostat



Heating accounts for the largest percentage of Britain’s household energy use by far. One reason for this is that we are heating the whole home, even though we are only using a few rooms at a time. This is a very inefficient process. It is similar to leaving all of the hot taps on in the house just to wash your hands in the kitchen.IntelliHeat offers a range of central control systems to enable users to zone their heaters, controlling them individually or in groups from a single central control panel which can be either wall mounted or smartphone based.

With IntelliHeat zoning, economy and efficiency are greatly increased. Zoning enables the homeowner to separate time and temperature control patterns for living and sleeping areas of the home. Heating available on demand, wherever and whenever you need it.

WiFi Radiators

intelli heat My sense app for Electric radiators

IntelliHeat is one of the only providers on the UK market to supply built-in WiFi equipped thermodynamic radiators. Our WiFi-enabled products will integrate effortlessly into your IntelliHeat WHAPP web-based controller or alternative smart home systems. My sense Available on the App Store, Google Play. How Does It Work?

The app can easily monitor up to 1,000 rooms, individually; and if an occupant opens a window, it will automatically notice a sharp drop in temperature and will respond by turning off the smart radiator in that room – until the temperature stabilizes again and the window is closed. If the window is not closed, all night or all weekend, the electric radiator stays off – saving you hundreds of pounds in wasted energy. Imagine this happening alternately in every room in your building… How much energy could be saved, and without you moving off your chair!

The MySense App will send you a notification when it notices a possible energy saving. For example, Mr. Jones’ Company use 6 offices on the 3rd floor and they always go home early on Fridays. The App will pick up no movement in these rooms and will send you a note saying: “Hey Bill, Mr. Jones’ offices are always empty from 12 o’clock every Friday, do you want me to turn off all his rads until 6am on Monday morning? All you must do is hit the YES or NO button. The App does it all for you.

My Needo – Smart Energy and Control Monitor exclusively available with the Needo range

The My Needo wireless management center with touchscreen controls represents the ultimate in style. Not only does it enable the full, day-by-day, 7-day timing and temperature programming of each radiator or zone, it also provides individual real-time data on energy consumption and running costs, which enables you to measure your substantial energy savings.

Touch Screen Display – Transmission of settings to and reception of information sent from radiators – See the status of each radiator in real-time (mode, setting, etc) – Indication of energy consumption in KW/H of a zone or a radiator – Powerful Advanced radiator zoning system.

Needo Smart Energy zigbee electric heating programmer

Needo KNX System

The full Needo range works on KNX networking to enable accurate recording of all consumption data, this is the only system in the UK to provide this built-in smart metering technology.

Every Needo unit is regulated and controlled through the KNX communication system making energy efficiency as simple as reading a screen!

WHAPP – The IntelliHeat Home Automation App

Smart Home Automation WHAPP

WHAPP, The affordable complete Home Automation System, Compatible with all our electric radiators, as well as any electrical device within your home that you link to the network.As tablets and smartphones become essential tools to our everyday life, the IntelliHeat WHAPP system offers you the opportunity to transform your home into a truly 21st century smart home, where you control each device from the palm of your hand through our home automation gateway.

You can use your smartphone or your touchscreen tablet to remotely control your wireless IntelliHeat affordable complete home automation system. Thanks to the easy to install and highly compatible technology the WHAPP system can give you control over:

  • Electric heating
  • Lighting
  • Roller shutters
  • Hot water
  • Alarm system
  • Gate
  • Garage door