iSense WiFi Electric Radiators

iSense WiFi Electric Radiators

“Smart Electric Heaters ready for the Internet Of Things”

Fully compliant with ‘Lot 20’ Ecodesign Directive.


The isense WiFi Radiator is the culmination of IntelliHeat’s long-term strategy to integrate the electric heating system with the IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity revolution, delivering a truly smart electric radiator for both homes and offices.

Your Wifi Electric Heaters at your fingertips. Access each room or radiator from anywhere, at any time via the My-sense Free App on your phone. Easily check and adapt temperatures to your needs. iSense WIfi Electric Radiators and My Sense App Video 

As the first truly “smart” Wi-Fi electric radiator on the UK market, the I-Sense works with the user to optimise their heating schedule by suggesting energy efficient modifications to the room specific programs tailored according to when the areas are detected to be in occupation.

The iSense range is Wi-Fi connected using the MY-SENSE cloud-based smartphone Free App. By combining built-in Wi-Fi, Motion sensors, Self-learning programming, open window detection, geolocation and a smart thermostat accurate to within 0.1°, the new I-Sense range will propel your electric heating system into the digital age.

As with all other IntelliHeat products the I-Sense range is fully accredited to both British Standards and NF *** B rated energy Performance, it also complies to all relevant legislative requirements such as Building Regulations Part L1 and L2, and Fully “LOT 20” Eco-design* Complying with a 41% Energy Efficiency score rating. *Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products Regulations 2018.

Our prices are based on certified, high-quality wi-fi products equipped with the latest technology,  Achieving high-quality products requires investment, passion and time. A typical 3 bedroom house with 5 radiators from the iSense range will cost approximately £ 3,000. Trade Discounts and Special Offers may be applicable.

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