Smart electric radiators certifications and energy performance.

Electric Radiators Certifications and performance:

Most electric radiators on the market in the UK have a basic CE self-certification, our Cali Sense Smart Electric Radiator is NF Performance *** + and fully compliant with the new UK EcoDesign Lot 20 2018 directive, accredited to NF Energy Performance Cat C Certification.
NF Energy Performance British for electric radiatorsIntelli Heat Smart electric radiators certifications and performance

This is indisputably one of the most stringent quality control certifications in the world and is indisputable evidence of the superior quality and Energy Efficiency of our product compared to all other competitor systems available on the UK market.

NF certification, CE Mark of compliance, covering aspects such as safety, quality, usage ability and Energy performance.  Is based on tangible elements: certification rules that are defined with consumers and businesses, tests, manufacturing plant inspections, customer satisfaction surveys, mystery shoppers, and so on. Even after obtaining NF certification, the product, and its manufacturing sites are continuously audited to ensure a consistent level of quality is maintained throughout the production process, offering consumers the guarantee of a rigorously tested quality control procedure.

This means that the Cali Sense has been tested by VERITAS + LCIE  an independent body on safety but also in performance and energy efficiency. So, unlike our competitors that just talk, we prove our performance by independent lab testing.

Theirs is mainly a self-declaration, in most cases, there is no mention of an independent lab test of their products.  To obtain an NF 3*** energy efficiency certification there are quite a lot of different tests a product needs to pass. The following are only a few:


NF performance *** testing includes a few endurance tests that demonstrate the quality of the   product over time like an ageing test of resistance is performed

Quality of Temperature control:

Characterized by the drift in load and temperature amplitude compliance with the requirements of the LCIE NF Performance specifications require that the electric heater be regulated by a so-called PID regulation: Proportional Integral Derivative.

In the case of the Cali Sense this regulation has been the subject of a very fine adjustment in a bi-climatic chamber specific to the product and adapted to each power. As a result, the Cali Sense benefits from a performance in regulation 2 to 3 times better than the current most demanding standard, see below.

The “Dynamic Efficiency + Technology” some manufacturers claim their radiators can achieve, have an accuracy of +-0,2°C.  This is obtained by amplitude. So, this represents an amplitude of 0.4K, therefore, our Cali Sense is 4 times better. Moreover, there is no real evidence they can support since the performance of the radiators can only be established by an independent testing and not self-declared.

What is Eco Design complaince | Lot 20?

 “All local space electric heaters manufactured for sale in the EU after 1st January 2018 which use electricity, or liquid fuels, must comply with a minimum efficiency standard. This includes electric radiators, electric underfloor heating and electric and gas fires.”

Lot 20 is the vital part of the new Eco-design legislation which comes into effect from the 1st of January 2018 and will mandate that all electric space heaters, electric radiators comply with a set of minimum efficiency guidelines, and use enhancing features.

The Cali Sense range which was designed specifically according to the key principles of EcoDesign (2018), provides users with integrated intelligent electric heating control functions which comply with, and indeed exceed, all the requirements of Lot 20. Including but not limited to:

  • High accuracy temperature control accurate to within +-0,2°
  • Adaptive temperature control and Eco start functionality
  • 24/7 programming functions, and integrated real-time energy consumption in each radiator
  • Smart Open Window Technology (detecting sudden drops in temperature to avoid energy wastage)
  • Presence detection (enabling automated programming for temperature control)
  • V27 technology self-programming (drawing on presence detection to calculate and apply most economical/comfortable programming for each users lifestyle)
  • Ergonomic digital thermostat design with additional alerts for visual/audible impaired users
  • Built-in Wifi to enable smartphone app-based remote control and monitoring system.

Accreditations and efficiencies

IntelliHeat products are one of the most advanced electric heating systems available in the UK. Whilst there are other distributors of electric radiators on the European market, these products do not compare to the high specification, fully accredited and ultra-efficient IntelliHeat ranges.

All our ranges are designed according to strict specifications; indeed the units are extremely elegant but this is not the main function of our designs, in fact the structure of every radiator is calculated to deliver maximum levels of heat and deliver natural radiant, convection heat within the allocated heating space, ensuring that the heat is direcly transferred in the most efficient and comfortable way directly to the occupants of the room to provide the perfect heat distribution.

Eco design, Lot 20 heaters intelligent room temperature controls

Adaptive temperature control and Eco start

In the V27 release, we also monitor heat up and cool down time and our optimization function will calculate when we need to start heating to get the room at the right temperature at the right time, this is the OPTIMIZATION function.

The Cali Sense has 2 Optimization schemes: OPTI COMFORT to get the temperature reached at the exact time set in the program, and OPTI ECO for additional savings – our competitors have no option for this function.

cali-sense-intelli-heat-electric-radiators- open window feature

Smart open Window Technology

Has the room got too hot and someone opened a window? Or perhaps someone left the door or a window open without paying attention? Cali Eco Sense will detect the sudden heat loss in its designated area, and if you have enabled the open window detection system, the radiator will automatically turn down the required heating temperature in that room by 1 degree every 20 minutes.

Some of the models on the market boosts the feature “open windows detection”. The difference between this function on the Cali Sense and other products on the market is that the accuracy of our “open window detection” has been tested, approved and past By LCIE for NF certification (A+++ Rated).
Please ask for UK MARK certifications and energy performance tests before you buy.


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