Need a new boiler? Should I replace my Gas, LPG boiler? 

If your gas boiler is reaching the end of its working life, the decision to replace it with a new one, or to make the change to a green energy system is a big one. Especially with the current activity on climate change, with official government advice telling us that 80% of existing homes who are using gas, Lpg heating will need to switch to low-carbon heating by 2050.

Boilers banned from 2025

The British Government have already announced a total ban on any Gas boiler being installed into new built houses from 2025, which is just over 5 years away. This means all new build properties and currently doesn’t apply to refurbishments or to existing houses – but this could change in a flash of a new White Paper, for a new government wanting to maintain their ecology voters. 

What are the Benefits of changing heating system?

There are many benefits to removing a fossil fuel heating system and replacing it with low-carbon electric central heating, not just in reducing carbon emissions, but in more accurate temperature control, individual temperature controls for each room, Wi-Fi controls for every radiator controlled via your smartphone, iPad or laptop, increased heat efficiency, and lower heating bills. There are also secondary benefits with no need for gas safety checks, boiler inspections, maintenance, repairs and water pipes leaks. 

Reclaim wall space for furniture

The best walls in your rooms are always unusable with gas systems, taken up with an ugly steel radiator spanning the whole wall. These can be removed completely, and replaced with much smaller, slim, electric rads, in beautiful colours to match your interior design, and with a range of finishes that replicate a stone tile, a sculpture or a modern artwork. They can also be positioned above the sofa, or midway on any wall, giving you full access to all your wall space at floor level to arrange your furniture, without blocking the heat from an old steel radiator. 

No Need for Gas Safety Checks

The cost of your annual gas safety inspection, boiler maintenance check and the inconvenience of needing to stay home to let the gas fitter into your property to carry out his water pressure tests, smoke extraction tests, and writing a certificate for another year, can be removed completely. The annual cost of this over many years can easily pay for a fabulous holiday for the family instead. 

Remove Ugly Gas Flues

Your property is not enhanced by an unsightly grill and pipe sticking out of the wall, pumping out smoke into the street, while the boiler is in operation. This can be removed completely, and this primitive sight will slowly disappear from our urban landscape forever. 

No More Water Leaks or pipes

Imagine a time when you don’t need to worry about below freezing winters bursting your pipes and ruining carpets and furniture with water leaks – especially if you are away working. No more ripping up floorboards to reveal pipes and replace leaking joints, with the huge labor costs that go with this, for a £2.50 fitting to be replaced which involves a call out charge and labor costs for a day’s work adding up to over £150 every time. 

Effective Temperature Controls

Electric heating is a whole world away from pumping a 30KW gas boiler to heat every room to the same temperature.  You will have total control over every individual radiator, to select the exact temperature desired by your family members and lifestyle.  Keep the kitchen radiator at a lower temperature so you don’t get too hot while cooking. Have the bathroom a little warmer for luxurious bath times with a glass of wine and favourite magazine. Keep the baby’s room at 22.3 degrees in winter, and the teenager’s room at 21.5 degrees to get them out of bed and off to school.

Efficiency Means 30% Lower Bills

Using electric radiators that are made of cast alluminium and filled with a Thermodynamic heat exchanger, each radiator will utilise LESS energy to reach its optimum temperature, and the RADIANT heat process is documented to be more effective in transferring warmth, than the  gas system of convection heat transfer. When an electric radiator registers that the room reaches the temperature you selected, it will automatically shut off until the room cools to 2 degrees below and will then cut in to lift it back to the exact setting. This uses minimal electricity, and you will see a dramatic reduction on your heating bills of up to 30% using this system. (Of course, this DOES depend on the temperatures you select, and our calculations are based on an average 21.5-degree setting). The Cali Sense is fully compliant to the Eco Design legislation, and indeed exceed, all the requirements of ‘Lot 20’ with a 41% Energy Efficiency score rating.

SMART controls, 5G and Wi-Fi

Every individual radiator contains its own ‘chip’ that connects through your Wi-Fi signal, to your very own cloud-based dashboard, where you can see at a glance which radiators are on, their current temperature and the real-time cost of the energy being used. View on your laptop, your smartphone and your iPad and you can really optimise your energy use in a way that is just impossible with an old-fashioned gas system. (The Hive and Nest Wi-Fi control can only turn everything OFF or everything ON, it cannot provide individual control over every radiator in every room.) 

INTELLI HEAT i-sense wi-fi electric radiators

Is it Expensive to Install?

No, it will take one of our accredited Electricians around half a day to install an average house of 6 radiators. Compare this with a team of gas fitters taking one week to install a wet gas system in the same property, and you can see the installation cost is minimal. Gas systems cost almost the same to install as they do to buy the boiler. 

What about Maintenance Costs? 

With our electric radiators, there is no need for maintenance at all. Each radiator is fully guaranteed for ten years, so there is nothing more for you to pay, at all, after you switch them on. No annual certificates required, no safety checks, no CO alarms to be fitted and no risk of death to residents or tenants, so insurance costs should be cheaper as well.  

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Landlords will Make More Profit

Landlords, how much do you spend in ten years on all your properties for gas safety inspections, boiler maintenance, no heating call outs, repairs, water leaks and compensation claims? All this will be saved completely, boosting your profit margins and reducing your costs dramatically. 

Where Can I Get More Info on an electric radiator system? 

Electric heating has for many years been favored by landlords and developers of multiple-occupancy and rental properties to ensure safe comfortable heating without the installation difficulties and expense, maintenance costs and the risks and regulations associated with gas-fired central heating systems.

The energy efficiency and flexibility of electric central heating quick and easy to install, and virtually maintenance-free, offers an unrivaled choice of control and programming options ranging from stand-alone built-in digital thermostat programmer to highly advanced My-Sense wi-fi App.

With a wide range of advanced electric heating products, we are confident of delivering exactly what you need to suit your budget, tastes and property type.