Consumer Guide to LOT 20 for Electric Heaters

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This is an easy guide to everything you need to know about the Eco Design, Lot 20 compliant heaters.

Ecodesign Lot 20 Legislation has been in force in the UK since January 2018, but what does it mean for the consumer? It includes electric radiators, electric under floor heating, and electric and gas fires. So, how do you know that the products you choose in a DIY shop, or an electrical wholesaler, or from a local electrical contractor are compliant? What should you ask for?  

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What is it and why do I need it? 

This legislation is similar to the one which made ordinary light bulbs illegal, and replaced them with a more modern technology, LED which uses much less energy to give you the same – or better light. You now cannot buy old light bulbs and shops and wholesalers are not allowed to sell them to you. 

This is exactly the same process for electric heating and includes all electric radiators, space heaters and ANY heating device. The aim of it, is to REDUCE energy consumption in domestic and commercial properties, which will reduce everyone’s electricity bills AND reduce the amount of electricity needed in the national grid, making it more cost effective to use RENEWALBLE electricity from wind turbines and solar panels, to replace the inefficient coal driven  and nuclear power stations, reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the planet.

How does an electric heater comply with LOT 20? 

For a basic compliance level, every of electric space heater MUST comply with a new minimum efficiency rule. To achieve this efficiency level, it MUST use less energy than previous models and styles. So that means that every compliant radiator you purchase will automatically reduce your energy consumption. (Based on an average temperature and average use. If your family has all your radiators set to 25 degrees 12 hours a day, this will not save you much money.)

Manufacturers can also add additional energy saving features to their radiators, that will earn more points on the LOT 20 scoring system, and these will reduce EVEN FURTHER your energy consumption, saving you even more money than the basic compliant models.

Lot 20 legislation covers all space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU after 1 January 2018 which use electricity, gas or liquid fuels, this includes:

  • Portable heaters
  • Storage heaters
  • Direct-acting heating (panel heaters and electric radiators)
  • Radiant heaters
  • Underfloor heating
  • Electric and gas fires

How is the energy saving quantified?

Energy saving MUST be quantifiable, and the legislation contains many calculations for every feature, and evidence to support how each feature can and will reduce energy consumption by a QUANTIFYABLE amount as a percentage of average use. 

To achieve real saving in energy consumption, each radiator design receives a points score for every energy-saving feature it contains, and this must add up to at least 38 points to achieve compliance. It can of course, be MORE than 38 points, but it CANNOT be LESS than 38 points.  

Which functions are needed to achieve the minimum energy efficiency compliance? 

Functions such as digital electronic temperature controls – built into the radiator, and not as a separate on the wall readout. Functions that allow you to set a weekly programme where each day can be different, instead of your heating switching on every day at 6pm and off at 11pm, whether you are there or not. If you are always out on Tuesdays, you can programme the heater to stay off on that day, saving you wasted usage when no one is home. 

Functions that allow you to set different temperatures in the course of a 24-hour day, and not just ON or OFF. With an IntelliHeat radiator, you can set a different temperature for every minute if you choose to.

Also, functions that can detect when a window or door is left open, which is picked up by a sudden drop in temperature, where the radiator will automatically switch itself off, instead of pumping away heat which is going straight out of the open door or window. When the room temperature levels off, and stops dropping, the radiator will then turn back on, to carry on with its programme setting. 

The same is true for a ‘presence detection’ control which has an infra-red (usually) sensor that will register movement in the room to indicate a human presence. (Generally, a cat or dog will not be tall enough to trigger this) If there is no movement for an amount of time, the radiator will turn off, until it detects further movement in the room, and then will turn back on and reach your desired comfort temperature. 

How can up to 38% score be made?

We can show you the calculation for a ‘fixed electric space heater’ which is a wall-mounted electric radiator, and the example below shows the energy-saving features of one of our i-Sense Radiators, the Eco-design Minimum efficiency rating is fixed at 38%,the Percentage of Eco-design Points achieved with i-sense complaint range is a stunning 40%

30% basic features + :

+7% electronic room temperature (within 0.1 Degree, control plus weekly, day timer) 

+1% for room temperature control with open window, presence detection.

+1% with distance control option (Wi-Fi App compatibility).+1% with Adaptive start control, detailed energy consumption reports and optimisation function.

Intelligent room temperature controls explained
Intelligent controls manage the running times of your electric heater, and usually incorporate three key features: 

  1. 24-hour Timer Control integrated into every radiator. Not a separate wall timer controlling the whole house, so EVERY radiator comes on and goes off at the set time – but an individual electronic programmer built into every single radiator. With our latest Cali I-Sense range, this has been further improved with an integral a Wi-Fi connected internet-based smartphone app controller. This means that every radiator can be connected to your own, secure, dashboard; with real-time reading of energy use, temperatures in each room and the ability to control every room remotely via your laptop, iPad and Smartphone. This has massive cost savings for commercial offices, hospitals, hotels and multi-room buildings; saving on manpower, running from room to room to turn on or turn off radiators. 
  2. Thermostatic Control. Accurate room temperature measurement by an electronic digital thermostat.
  3. Smart Start Control. V27, Open door or window recognition, presence detection technology reduces wasted energy when a thermostat detects a sudden reduction in temperature, and the use of presence sensors to enable the heater to automate heating cycles.

LOT 20 Legislation is designed to save energy by incorporating new technology in product design that achieve these new standards of energy efficiency. The biggest difference between old technology electric heating – such as storage heaters – and new technology compliant electric heating is in their ‘intelligent controls’ which are built-in to each product to reduce wasted energy. This is good news for the consumer, because when you purchase a LOT 20 compliant model, you will AUTOMATICALLY reduce your energy consumption – and also your bills. 

The Intelligent control sensor measurement in all our radiators, is influenced by the radiator itself. This feature requires a compensation algorithm, the algorithm is constantly correcting the temperature depending on the heating ratio (time ON/ cycle time). The parameter has been adjusted in a certified, authorised bi-climatic chamber for each radiator model and power, so the consumer can be sure of an effective and efficient ‘intelligent’ control.

The important factor regulating the comfort of accurate temperature control, is not the absolute accuracy, but the temperature stability and this outcome has been tested by the BURAU VERITAS independent laboratory for NF performance and achieved 3*. This means that an IntelliHeat radiator tested under a stabilized condition, was found to have a regulation amplitude of below 0.3° C.

What is NF Performance Certification? 

The NF performance is an independent testing house based in France, which carries out laboratory-controlled efficiency tests on individual products. This certification is not compulsory, and the cost of accreditation is carried entirely by the manufacturer. But this certification shows the consumer that this product has been fully tested for performance under the EcoDesign LOT 20 regulations, and that it is fully compliant. 

Ecodesign regulation demands +-1 °C precision with the reference measurement at the centre of the room. Every manufacturer can easily SAY they comply with this, but the NF Performance Certificate PROVES that this claim has been tested independently and has passed.

At IntelliHeat, our bi-Climate control tests generally achieve +/- 0.2 .  and we are proud holders of a full NF performance certificate for ALL our products. In addition, the +/- 1° C   precision of our radiators, has been confirmed by the independent laboratory Bureau VERITAS, and this sets our products leagues ahead of the basic electric radiators being manufactured by companies that have no certification from NF Performance. You can say anything on a label… 

What is ERP Regulation

ERP Regulation is an additional piece of legislation, that ALL electric heaters must achieve at least 38% energy efficiency to receive accreditation and compliance. ERP means Energy Related Products. All IntelliHeat products comply fully with the ERP Standard, and a Certificate of compliance is sent with every product. For the technical explanations of the Eco-Design Directive and how INTELLI HEAT smart Radiators are fully compliant, please download our Eco-Design PDF below.

If you buy a new electric radiator this year, a Lot 20 compliant heating product will represent the very best technology and the most energy efficient products that the UK and European market has to offer.

main directive : European Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC).

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