It’s Christmas in November! Winter Offers on Designer Electric Towel Heaters

Intelli Heat is warming up the UK all ready for the frosts and freezes being promised in December and January. For Homeowners and Electrical Contractors, we have a ridiculous offer on Electric Towel Rails until 31st December.

Homeowners: With one of our stylish designer Towel Radiators in your bathroom, you can keep the thermostat low, and use it to deliver targeted heat in the room while you shower or bathe, and have a warm towel when you finish. No need to raise the heat in the rest of the house, and when you have guests over Christmas, it will become indispensable.

Damp washing that doesn’t quite get dry, will dry perfectly on the towel rails in minutes. Warm clothes in the morning are worth a king’s ransom on freezing cold mornings. Click here to have a look:

Electrical Contractors and Landlords: For properties with old Storage Heaters, the evenings while they start to recharge, are coldest for your tenants, so an economical option, is to add an electric towel radiator into the bathroom for instant warmth, and an easy and safe way to dry clothes.

In fact, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t install them in the upstairs bedrooms as well. They are after all, primarily beautifully designed electric radiators, and the added rail space, will be a huge benefit to your tenants.

At up to 40% off, this is definitely the best thing the Christmas Elves have this year. We have plenty of stock, right here in the UK, close to Cambridge, so No waiting weeks for delivery, and installation is simple. Just drill 4 holes, hang 2 brackets and clip on the designer towel heater. They plug into a normal 13 amp socket, so switch on and enjoy! #electrictowelrails #electricradiators

You might be tempted to order one for yourself as well…

CRB Towel Rail CR 2012 - detail