Own a Commercial Property? Electric Heating & Automation App Available NOW

Electric Heating & Home Automation for Commercial Property.

The Intelli Heat Home Automation App is not just for controlling the electric central heating in domestic property. It is a perfect method for commercial property managers to control all the electrical systems, without needing to be on site…

Who can use it?
For Hospitals, Offices, Schools, Nurseries, Universities, Factories, and warehouses – even if you have multiple sites or multiple buildings on the same site.

What does it do?
Imagine having an APP on your phone, tablet or iPad that can control every electric radiator in your property, every light fitting and other key safety installations such as the entry gates, alarm system and electric shutters or blinds.
The new Intelli Heat technology works with Wi-Fi or 3G  so that wherever you are, you can turn electric radiators on or off, change the temperature, open and close the gates, switch alarms on or off, and most importantly, you can see EXACTLY how much Kw energy is being used in each building, zone and room.

Saving you Money
Using this new technology can save thousands of pounds a year in maintenance costs:
–  Reduction in out of hours labour costs – no need to drive on site to set the alarm, or lock the gates
–  Reduction in energy consumption – no need to run the heating in any office if the occupants are not in for the day
– Reduction of electricity bills – you can see exactly where energy is being wasted, and switch off the unnecessary light fittings.

Would you like a Demonstration?
Intelli Heat is offering a totally free demonstration of this incredible new product to any Property Manager, Estate Agent, Office Manager, Facilities Manager and School Board of Governors
But before you decide, take a quick look at This 2 minute Video, and imagine just how easy this could make your property maintenance responsibilities….

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