3 Vital Questions Before you Buy Electric Radiators

Buying electric radiators online is a quick and easy process, but as an Electrical Contractor, how can you be sure you are dealing with a reputable supplier who conforms to the up to date with new EN Standard and Part L Building Regs?

As a consumer, how can you be sure that their customer service procedures will protect you against any problems that might arise after you install them?
Here are 3 vital questions to ask before you make any online purchase:
1. Are the electric radiators stocked in the UK or are they importing cheap goods from places such as China? The regulations for Chinese radiators are much less stringent than the UK and EU standards. Most of the foreign radiators are only rated as Class 1 for electrical safety and are sent over to order from China, so a long waiting time for every delivery – including spare parts. IntelliHeat radiators are stocked in Thetford UK and delivered by IntelliHeat vans to anywhere in the UK, within days and have a Class 2 certification for electrical safety – double insulated for consumer safety. Here are the details of both these classifications:
Class 1 Equipment
Basic insulation and relies on an earth for protection and will receive an Earth Continuity test and Insulation test. Examples of Class 1 equipment are Kettles, Toasters, Irons, Microwaves, Electric Heaters, Fridges, Freezers, Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers etc.
Class 2 Equipment
Has supplementary insulation and therefore does not rely on an earth for protection and is easily identified by the double square symbol and will receive an insulation test. Examples of Class 2 equipment are Televisions, DVD Players, Lamps, Power Tools, Hair Dryers, etc.
2. Do they arrive with any Instructions in English or is the Contractor left to work it out for himself when installing in your home? It is stated in the EN Standard that all electrical equipment MUST be supplied with a comprehensive instruction book, showing installation requirements and instructions.

Every Intelli Heat radiator is supplied with a full instruction manual, and every Contractor buying them for the first time is fully trained by Intelli Heat in every aspect of the products, including how to operate the built in 7 day programmers on every radiator.
3. What happens if there is a problem? If a radiator gets scratched, dented, bent, or if someone drops a spanner onto the programmer and smashes the display? The foreign suppliers have absolutely no provision for any of this, assuming they are still in business; you will need to remove the rad, send it to the contractor, to send back to China, to be assessed before any replacement part can then be returned to you, taking many months and leaving the consumer freezing cold in the process. In contrast, Intelli Heat will send a replacement radiator out from their UK warehouse the following day, no fuss, no quibble; as they have a 10 year guarantee on every product.

Buying electric central heating for the first time should be a quick and easy process, but please do make sure that you find the answers to these questions BEFORE you try to save a few pennies on a cheaper imported product.
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