Intelliheat ranges are stylish and affordable, with virtually no installation costs

The Intelli heat heating system is fully controllable, with each unit being entirely autonomous, and allows users to control their entire system through the use of a smart meter, or even an app.

Our systems are extremely efficient, offering users savings of up to 35% compared to traditional electrical heating. Furthermore, this saving can be visualized from day one thanks to the energy use tracker which is alive graphically enhanced feature of all Intelliheat system controllers.

, hence why 60-minute makeover featured our systems on a recent programme, and Good Homes ran an editorial on the products.

Finally, every electric radiator we sell is designed with user safety in mind, so whilst they heat your room faster than any other conventional radiator system, they are built according to “low surface temperature” requirements to ensure they will not burn children or elderly residents in schools or care homes.needo Line T electric radiators web