Intelli Heat provides energy efficient, flexible fully controllable electric central heating

needo Vertical 1800 w M Line electric radiators install intelli heat

Winter now seems to last longer than ever before, and this, with the rising cost of energy bills, places considerable pressure on the consumer. This means that a low-cost electric heating system is crucial, particularly one which can be used for years to come with renewable.

NEEDO & CALI AVANTI Intelli Heat provides energy efficient, flexible and fully controllable electric central heating solutions, which require no plumbing and are ideal for local authority applications. NEEDO is a range of slim electric radiators featuring a remote control energy management system. Using ACS technology, the radiators provide reliability and performance offering energy savings of up to 25%.

New for 2014 is CALI AVANTI, this highly efficient, thermodynamic fluid-filled range comes complete with an intelligent thermostat controlled by a built-in LCD programmer.  This allows each individual radiator to be set over a seven-day period with exact timings and temperatures to suit users’ needs. Intelli heat electric heating systems

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