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Due to the climate in the UK, central heating can be needed for up to 10 months a year. Rain, humidity, low temperatures and cold winds are typical of the UK climate from September to June. But despite the heating being on, your home is still cold.

Previous solutions have involved increasing the number or size of the radiators to reach the desired temperature; resulting in costly, cumbersome and unappealingly ugly arrangements.

So what’s the alternative?

An intelligent, efficient and flexible electric heating system, perfect for any situation. IntelliHeat electric radiators can be installed anywhere: Flats, Houses, Offices, Shops, Hotels, Bars, Schools, Gyms, Hospitals, Care Homes and Private Practices. It doesn’t need a gas supply or running water and is therefore 100% safe.


Installing an IntelliHeat radiator is very easy. No need for masonry work or refurbishment and each radiator comes with a plug to connect it to the outlet. From now on, you can have the temperature you want – when you want it.

The smart thermostat sensor, detects the room temperature, and will automatically turn the device off when the set temperature has been reached, Real-time energy consumption indication, state of the art open window, presence detection settings will auto adjust to your lifestyle, therefore unoccupied rooms will automatically reduce their temperature to save energy and money. This will allow you to save energy and therefore… money!

You can even set your electric radiator from the comfort of your car, office using the wifi or the Smart app, a very unique evolved multizone-controlled programming and monitoring system. Within seconds the App gives you full control of your building environment at the simple touch of a button, Integrating Intelli Heat radiators within existing heating systems represent a more elegant solution than the more common alternatives available on the market, such as plate heaters, convector heaters, and portable stoves.

It adds value and style to any environment, with great heat conductivity, lightweight radiators, strong fittings and a ten-year warranty. With aluminium side panels, our radiators are completely eco-friendly.

All these reasons make IntelliHeat Electric Radiators not just an addition, but an ideal solution for New Build and existing properties anywhere in the UK.

Be Smart! With IntelliHeat Electric Radiators