Why replace Storage Heaters

When you need to replace old-fashioned storage heaters the choices have been few, but is it really cost efficient to heat up piles of bricks and then allow them to cool, with no way of controlling their heat dissipation or energy consumption?

There is now a better and cheaper method, using an advanced energy regulated the thermodynamic product, (AERT) you can achieve the same output wattage, BUT in a way that uses much less energy – saving money for your end users and enabling them to have affordable warmth all winter.

The electric radiators are also smaller, lighter and can be installed by 1 man in half a day. This can save you £ thousands – if not £ millions in a larger authority or borough. Cheaper installation costs, cheaper labor costs, fewer external contractors needed, and with 1 man completing 2 installations per day, you can get through your maintenance list in less than half the time.


Three Legislative ‘wins’ over Storage Heaters.

How your housing stock can benefit from the IntelliHeat electric radiator range – and keep your budget in the green.

Wi-fi electric radiators

1- With every radiator having its own 24 hours or Timer Control,

they can have a simple timed on and off the programme, or they can be Wi-Fi connected using a cloud-based smartphone app to control them.

Certainly, reducing all wasted electricity use from the minute they are switched on.

 2 - Accurate Thermostatic Control,

2 – Accurate Thermostatic Control,

measuring room temperatures automatically using an accurate, electronic digital thermostat, means that your end users don’t need to sweat and roast on warmer days, waiting for old storage heaters to dissipate their heat.

Or be cold all afternoon when all the heat is gone, and the outside temperature has dropped below freezing.

livingstone creative heating-bespoke electric radiators

3 -The Smart Start Control will automatically detect any open door

or open window, and will turn the electric radiator off immediately, saving the costs of pumping out heat with an open window or door. The clever ‘presence sensors’ pick up on whether anyone is home and will switch off when no-one is detected, – Rather like the automatic lights that switch off in Offices and public toilets if no motion is detected for a number of minutes.

So, for ease of installation, ease of use, energy efficiency, and legislative compliance, there now IS a better option than a storage heater.

So, for ease of installation, ease of use, energy efficiency, and legislative compliance, there now is a better option than an inefficient  storage heater.