When you need to replace your old-fashioned storage heaters the choices have been few, but is it really cost-efficient to heat up piles of bricks and then allow them to cool, with no way of controlling their heat dissipation or energy consumption?

Storage Heaters were developed more than 50 years ago to work on an Economy 7 tariff, Economy 7 electricity tariffs work alongside Economy 7 meters which is a two-tariff metered system, more expensive during the ‘on peak’ day period, and cheaper ‘off peak’ at night midnight to seven am. Utilities across the world have been moving very cautiously away from fossil fuels, over the past decade, with the vast majority adopting a passive approach to managing their portfolios and only a small share actively shifting to green energy. The low cost renewable electricity is now starting to replace fossil fuels:

  1. Electricity today has moved away from the old fossil fuel processes, with coal fired power stations decommissioned and replaced by wind and solar powered electricity, which now accounts for a massive 73% of total consumption that uses renewable and green electricity creation.
  2. The EU and British Governments adopted into Legislation ECODESIGN LOT 20 Regulations for all electric radiators, three years ago, and the ‘knowledge’ of this legislation has not been publicised, and its compliance in the manufacturing sectors has not been policed or monitored by British Government.

When a storage heater runs out of charge, from the very minute it stops charging, it begins to lose a large amount of heat until there’s nothing left, the charge runs out in average around 2pm, and your home will remain unheated until the following day. In a time when the scourge of fuel poverty shows little sign of abating, many tenants huddle around costly, and often inefficient storage heaters.

The Intelliheat system overcomes this problem by allowing tenants to choose which individual room they wish to heat, at what time, and at what temperature, accurate to one tenth of a degree. Some of the main features enabling this are individual room zoning, occupancy detection, ultra-fast heating response, and the most advanced electronic control systems on the market.

There is now a better and affordable method, using advanced energy regulated the thermodynamic product, (Eco-Design) you can achieve the same output wattage, BUT in a way that uses much less energy – saving money for your end-users and enabling them to have affordable warmth all winter.

The modern electric radiators are also smaller, lighter, more efficient and can be installed by one man in a day. This can save you £ thousands – if not £ millions in a larger local authority, housing association or borough. Cheaper installation costs, cheaper labour costs, fewer external contractors needed, and with 1 man completing 2 installations per day, you can get through your maintenance list in less than half the time. We replace a typical 3 kW rating old storage heater with a 1.5 Kw output.

Three Legislative ‘wins’ over Storage Heaters.

Wi-fi electric radiators

1- Every radiator has its own 24 hours or Wi-fi programmer control.

Modern Radiators have Ecodesign intelligent heating controls,  minute timed on and off the programs, incorporates PIR sensors to detect room-by-room occupation, automatically reducing their temperature in unoccupied rooms to save energy. they can be Wi-Fi connected using MYSENSE smartphone free app to control them. Up to 1000 Individual Room Control temperature from the comfort of your laptop, and from your mobile device.

A glance at the My Sense dashboard on the App anytime and you will see the total energy use from the minute they are switched on the current hour, day, week, or month. View the current temperature on every room, floor, in every office or every hospital, hotel, shop right there from your screen. 

Intelli Heat Wi-Fi enabled electric radiators will allow you to control and optimise your heating no matter where you are through any mobile device.

intelli-heat- electric-heating-Zoning

2 – Temperature Accurate Thermostatic Control,

measuring room temperatures automatically using an accurate, electronic digital thermostat, means that your end-users don’t need to sweat and roast on warmer days, waiting for old storage heaters to dissipate their heat or be cold all afternoon when all the heat is gone, and the outside temperature has dropped below freezing.

Zoned Heating provides the ultimate in energy efficiency, ensuring that rooms or ‘zones’ are heated as and when required, The Bathroom can be 22.1 degrees with the kitchen at 19.2 degrees, the lounge at 22.5 degrees and the bedrooms at 15.5 degrees. Each Intelli Heat smart radiator has its own SMART independent control of up to one hundred heating zones, allowing the unused rooms to be cooler and save energy, while the living room is nice and cosy for the evening. 

3 -The Smart Presence will automatically detect any open door,

or open window, and will turn the electric radiator off immediately, saving the costs of pumping out heat with an open window or door. The clever ‘presence sensors’ pick up on whether anyone is home and will switch off when no-one is detected.

The Eco-sense technology adopts the self-learning mode, this enables the electric radiators to understand and memorize your life patterns. Detecting and adapting to periods of absence and presence, perpetually learn and adapt to changes in your occupancy patterns. The Smart Radiator intelligent algorithm analyzes this information in real-time in order to optimize and adapt the program for the coming weeks.

Eco design, Lot 20 heaters intelligent room temperature controls

Now it’s time to choose your new efficient stylish electric radiators, available in a range of sizes and wattages. First you need to know the correct size and wattage output needed to heat your room and then decide on where you want to install it. No need to take up valuable floor to waist wall space, you can install them above the sofa, or have a horizontal radiator on a smaller wall space.

Finally, switching from Economy 7 to standard is straightforward, but you will need to contact your electricity supplier to find out more about the process, you’ll need to switch from the Economy 7 tariff to a new standard normal rate electricity tariff. Look around for the best deals available.

No installation needed, no wires, no batteries, no monthly charges, no boxes on the wall and no maintenance. So, for ease of installation, ease of use, energy efficiency, and legislative compliance, there now is a better option than inefficient storage heaters.

Better options than inefficient storage heaters in pictures