Navigating the Electric Heating Market

As more consumers see the benefits of electric heating, more companies are flooding the electric heating market with unregulated systems! Increasingly we see claims from providers that have appeared almost overnight, offering “the latest in electric heating, dynamic smart radiators”

This is a natural phenomenon in a rapidly expanding electric heating market where the right products are truly innovative and deliver real efficiency and controllability to consumers! For consumers and specifiers this presents a problem, they are constantly running the risk of being seduced by companies offering 10 year warranties on products they claim will deliver unrivaled efficiencies.

Unfortunately, a 10 year warranty is not much use where the guarantor company disappears after 6 months. In these situations, consumers are left with faulty poor quality products, and even worse for specifiers who can be held liable for the products and can see their business disappear before their eyes.

So without being experts in the electric heating industry, how can you tell if the company you are speaking too can be relied upon?

Experience & Awards

A good first sign is to check how long the provider has been operating? If you are dealing with a company who have been on the UK electric heating market for over 10 years and which can evidence a number of industry awards, or appearances in well-known household publications and television programs. This will provide the peace of mind that their warranty, regardless of duration, is at least worth the paper it’s written on!

Legislative Compliance

Having established that you are dealing with a reputable and knowledgeable provider the next step is to ensure the product you are considering is properly regulated and accredited to the required legislative standards.

Currently, within the electric heating industry, the key legislations to look out for are:

  • EcoDesign Directive 2016 – Does the radiator meet efficiency standards?
  • Building Regs Part L1A and L2A – Is the electric radiator safe and will the heating system pass Building regs inspections?

Regulatory Accreditations

Having established that the radiator and its provider are reputable and meet the legal requirements, the last step is to ensure that the heating products in question have been thoroughly tested by professional accreditation bodies. Within the UK, the most well respected of these bodies are British Standards and the NF Performance rating. Systems which display accreditation to a number of these bodies have been thoroughly tested and can be trusted to provide you with the heating experience you expect! Look out for the following symbols to know you are in good hands:

  • EN 60335-1
  • EN 60335-2-30 & EN 60335-2-43
  • EN 60675

So remember, always check the quality and reputability of the electric heating system you are considering! Look for experience, awards and accreditations and remember that even if the product is available from your local wholesalers, this does not provide you with a quality guarantee! The product may come with a 10 year warranty, but if anything should happen, it is the company who is underwriting that guarantee that you will rely on! As such if they close down after 6 months, along with a multitude of other short-term, poor quality retailers, then your guarantee will become meaningless! IntelliHeat Advanced electric heating