How to save money using electric heating correctly

Adjusts temperature during the day:

Having one temperature for an hour as you rise, a much lower temperature during the day background, a rise as homecoming approaches, then a boost for family comfort during the evening. Finally it can set a low overnight temperature background, sufficient to keep the chill off. Intelli heat make all installation very simple, as there is no wiring back to the wall programmer – so no holes to drill, no ugly wiring and no damage to decorations. The wireless technology is very well-established and reliable for heating controls. This saves electricity and money on all but the coldest days each winter, therefore The wireless programmer intelligently divides the home into 4 or 8 zones, adjustable by both time and temperature.

Every electric radiator has its own fully controllable thermostat which gives the ability to program heat for any room for any time of day. Thus only heating the rooms you want when you actually want them heated. This zoned approach has proven savings in the region of 20-30% across all storage heating systems.

Comfort, economy and efficiency are greatly increased when a home is divided into zones covering different living needs. It is insufficient to apply insulation without considering the heating, in most cases there is no need to heat bedrooms during the day, or run the whole system at the same temperature whenever the heating is on. Part L of the Building Regulations insists new homes should be split into at least two heating zones (plus domestic hot water), while existing systems should be upgraded almost to the same standard.

Zoning is especially useful where unique time and temperature control of a part of the building is required, such as for a granny flat, home office or conservatory. Zonal heating with individual units in each room (or zone) is a popular choice in homes. Separate thermostats give you the flexibility to control areas to be heated providing maximum comfort in every room. Planning for a zonal heating system must start early because the system depends on the efficiency of the building shell and the floor plan.



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