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Needo Electric Radiators are fully KNX compatible, Our Needo Range is the only fully KNX compatible with electric radiators system available in Europe.

KNX is already the most popular building automation system in the world with more than 70% of the market share. The demand for KNX rises steadily with each year and the market for KNX is growing constantly. Already more than 280 manufacturers in 33 countries around the world have chosen the internationally approved standard (ISO / IEC 14543) KNX. Not only has the number of members more than tripled since 2005, the number of certified KNX Partners has more than quintupled. KNX has therefore also become the most profitable technology. please have a look video at our:

We offer unrivalled programming options and no plumbing is required therefore installation is simple and extremely cost effective, making Intelli Heat the ideal electric heating application for all sectors of the property industry including housing associations, local authorities, developers, landlords and end users.

This truly amazing eco-friendly heating system (which has been independently described as ‘The best in Europe’) provides users with an entirely unrivalled level of supreme quality in the provision of instant, flexible and fully controllable electric heating.

Your Intelli Heat system will draw minimal amounts of energy whilst providing natural ambient warmth whenever and wherever required, offering you a unique, practical and economical alternative to costly gas systems and old-fashioned electric storage heaters.

Featured on Brand New Series 60 Minute Makeover ITV1   –Voted ‘Best Heating Product’ – Build It Awards  2012

NEEDO best design brands for RADIATORS in Archiproducts.needo M line electric radiator