Testimonial Replacing old inefficient Storage Heaters in Dumfries and Galloway

Replacing old inefficient Storage Heaters in Dumfries and Galloway, The Intelli Heat Smart electric heating was installed in a few hours.

Over the coming weeks, Ian from Precise Heating Solution witnessed the flexibility and energy efficiency of the eco-design heaters.

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Ian lives in one of the most beautiful parts of the world – Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. Surrounded by rivers, lochs, and forests, this idyllic location is the envy of the many tourists who regularly visit the area.

Ian says, “I simply cannot imagine living anywhere else. I sometimes feel sorry for the billionaires living in their London homes, drinking what passes as water, and breathing what passes as air!”

There was, however, a problem in paradise. In Winter, it can get very cold. When last Winter brought some severely low temperatures, Ian’s aging coal/log back boiler central heating system struggled to cope. But what to replace it with?

“Having spent some time in the central heating industry during the 1990s, I have a good knowledge of conventional central heating systems. Several years ago, I saw a system from a company called Intelliheat. As the system was electric, I initially had some doubts. However, when I examined the quality of the product, and the excellent operational results, my doubts disappeared, leaving an impression that never dimmed.” 

This covered price, running costs, installation, maintenance, etc.. Once completed and examined, Lord Sinclair agreed that the Intelliheat system was indeed the one to do the job.

“During that period, Simona and her team at Intelliheat could not have been more helpful, readily giving me unbiased facts and advice.” 

The smart electric heating system was delivered in June, and installed in a few hours. Over the coming weeks, Ian witnessed the flexibility and efficiency of the system first hand.

“I could not be happier! They look superb, with a slim-line 8cm profile and Italian design which allows them to blend with any room’s decor. Although the electric radiators look similar to what I had remembered, the advances in Intelliheat’s electronic controls are amazing!”

 The intelli heat smart Electric radiators use a patented thermodynamic fluid, heated by a Class two element, encased in a high grade 100% aluminium body. Fitting is via unique, locking wall brackets.

Programming is via a back-lit LCD screen and includes:  5 operating modes, Intelligent accurate thermostat within 0.1 degrees, Occupancy detection, Open window detection, 7 day and daily multizone programmes, Setting temperature limit, Real-time energy consumption, Rental housing pin code lock, Child lock, to name but a few.

“To explain how the electronics do what they do, would take several pages! Put simply, each radiator has a built in infra-red sensor with a lens specially designed for Intelliheat. This works seamlessly with the electronics, including the self-learning program, to ensure energy wastage in unoccupied rooms is minimalised. As each room is its own ‘zone’, this represents large potential energy savings. For example, if the heating is programmed to be on, and I go out for a few hours, the system will recognise this and reduce the set temperature. On my return, the system will automatically power back to the original setting – Wonderful!” 

Intelliheat have been pushing the boundaries of eco-design technology for many years, and are fully LOT20 compliant. The Intelliheat range is not only ideal in a domestic situation, but also a perfect fit for commercial and rented properties. 

“After a career spent in sales and marketing, I retired in 2016. I have now reversed this decision and formed Precise Heating Solutions Scotland, to help bring the benefits of the Intelliheat systems to Bonnie Scotland.

Early in my career, I learned one important rule. Work with a great company who have the best products in their field. 

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